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On this product catalogue you will find handlebars, stems, saddles and seatposts, pedals, wheels, tyres, and much more!

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How to renovate a used bicycle with bicycle parts?

Who said that an old bicycle has no more opportunity to be used?!

Changing its components with new bicycle spare parts you can give it a new life: on ciclimattio.com you can find handlebars, stems, saddles, seatposts, wheels, pedals, tyres, transmissions, gears, cranksets,...  in short, everything you need to give a used bicycle a new life.

Should I restore a used bike or buy a new one?

This choice, between renovating a used bike or buying a new one, depends on the rider's preferences, spending budget and the state of the bike's overall condition. 
If the bicycle is very used/worn, the cost of upgrading the bicycle components may become too expensive, so the purchase of a new bicycle should be considered.
On the other hand, if the modifications needed are limited, the purchase of new components to replace the used ones could be the most advantageous solution, especially for those who are affectionate to their bicycle and are not yet ready to give it up.

Main bicycle parts: what are they?

The parts of the bicycle, in addition to the frame, are so many.
The main ones are the handlebars, grips, stem, controls, fork, hubs, wheels, tyres, crankset, chainrings, pedals, bike drivetrain, rear derailleurs, saddle and seatpost

Which are the most popular brands of bike components?

Some of the most renowned brands you can find at Cicli Mattio include Bontrager, Bosch, Campagnolo, Corima, Deda Elementi, Favero Electronics, Fizik, Formula, Fox Shox, Fulcrum, Lightweight, Look, Selle Italia, Smp, Sram, Shimano, Time and many more!

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