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The CITY BIKE section includes city bikes, also known as 'walking bikes', all those bicycles suitable for everyday commuting, going to work or doing shopping.

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City bikes are designed for urban use and therefore offer a more upright and comfortable position due to the frame structure, to a high and wide handlebars and to a normally softer and wider saddle (suitable for non-sporty riders who want to arrive at their workplace or appointment in perfect order).
They are also designed to last longer and often include accessories such as a luggage rack, basket and stand for easy parking.

How to choose a CITY BIKE?

The first requirement for choosing a city bike, considering its daily use, is undoubtedly comfort: you need to choose the right size to make sure you ride in a relaxed position (if you need help you can always contact our sales staff for advice via ticket or email). Men's bike frames usually have the characteristic diamond shape, while women's frames have a U-shape, so you can use your bike comfortably even when wearing a skirt or dress.

Which bike to use in town?

If you use your city bike as a means of transport to work or to get around the city, it is important that the bike you choose is comfortable, light and at the same time resistant to weather and smog. Important elements are the mudguards and chain guards, which some models offer, that protect the mechanical parts from water in rain/snow and the rider's clothes from dirt.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a bike that is ideal for riding with the family at the weekend and also off-road, you should opt for a trekking bike

Difference between a city bike and a trekking bike

Trekking bikes differ from city bikes because, in addition to being usable in the city for daily commuting, they also have features that make them suitable for 'off-road' use. 

Trekking bikes combine the characteristics of road, mountain and touring bikes. They usually have flat handlebars, wide tyres (28-42 mm) and long gears, allowing the rider to feel at ease on different gradients and comfortable even on long distances.

So if the choice is between a trekking bike and a city bike, the most important thing is to consider the intended use. If you plan to cycle to work and/or go shopping, then a city bike is the best solution. But if you'd also like to use it to escape the urban chaos and ride dirt roads on the weekend, then a trekking bike is the way to go.

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