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Bike pedals are among the most important accessories, because, if chosen correctly, they ensure optimal pedalling and can positively influence the cyclist's performance.
Since motion is transmitted through the pedals, it is essential that they provide effective support, together with any cleat or magnet, and are capable of imparting adequate force to the foot while minimising energy loss.

Each discipline has different characteristics and requirements, and so there are different pedals in terms of grip, weight, material.


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In order to better control pedalling, quick-release pedals are very popular with cyclists. By attaching the cleat under the shoe, they allow the foot to be anchored to the bike and consequently achieve greater and more effective pedalling control. 

What types of pedals exist?

There are different types of pedals, in terms of attachment system, shape and technical characteristics, which make one pedal more suitable for one discipline/situation than another. 

The theory must then be combined with the preference of the cyclist who, after trying different pedals, will understand which system is the best for him!

The most important distinction is between:

  • quick release pedals: these require the shoe to be attached to the pedal (via the cleat or magnet), which allows the cyclist and the bike to be one and the same, resulting in better power transmission and an excellent connection with the bike. 
    They are the most popular pedals among road cyclists.
  • flat pedals: these are the so-called free pedals and are characterized by their flat shape and do not have clips, so that the foot is free to move. The grip is made optimal by the presence of small 'pins' that prevent the foot from slipping.
    They are very popular in particular among bikers practising the various MTB disciplines.

How to choose MTB and road pedals?

Ask Cicli Mattio: our sales staff will be able to advise you on the pedal that best suits your needs, in terms of speciality, comfort, performance and budget.
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