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Wearing a jacket (whether thick or light) is very important for a cyclist. 
It allows you to protect yourself from atmospheric agents such as wind and rain (depending on the characteristics of the garment) and at the same time to expel the moisture that is created in the layers underneath due to the activity you are carrying out. These two factors may seem at odds with each other, but the best jackets in the best fabrics make it possible to achieve these dual benefits. Often during a long ride the weather can suddenly change and it's good to be ready for any situation, to return home dry and protected.

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Warm but breathable materials, elastic but structured, with reflective elements and an anatomical shape.
There are different types of cycling jackets, it is important to always choose quality products that are best suited to the cyclist's needs.

Best cycling jackets

Choosing good cycling clothing, and in this case a good cycling jacket, is important for both health and performance: a quality jacket allows good breathability, good protection from the cold, air and rain, and therefore avoids colds and illnesses.

Furthermore, if the cyclist is in good health, so if he/she does not suffer too much from the freezing cold or the relentless heat, he/she can concentrate more on his/her performance and give his/her best. 

At Cicli Mattio you can find the best Assos, Castelli, Alè, Pissei and Fox Racing jackets.
We also offer you our Cicli Mattio and Team Vigor branded garments, which are the result of careful product development and are 100% Made in Italy.

Types of cycling jackets

There are different types of cycling jackets, which differ according to the use that the cyclist can make and therefore the needs of the moment. What makes the jackets different are first of all the materials used, for example Goretex is a waterproof and breathable material that prevents the formation of condensation, or Windstopper is a windproof and breathable membrane, perfect for colder climates.

Discover the main types of bike jackets you can find at Cicli Mattio:

What to wear under a cycling jacket?

During winter, under a good winter jacket, it may be sufficient to choose a quality thermal and breathable underwear that allows you to wick away sweat. If you prefer, you can then wear a jersey as an intermediate layer, but it is still essential to choose the first layer carefully, the one that is in contact with the skin. 
Absolutely avoid cotton, which absorbs sweat by getting wet and not wicking it away!

What to wear when it rains?

If you are cycling and it starts to rain, it is a good idea to put on a waterproof jacket immediately to avoid getting wet. In fact, if the ride is not yet finished, it is important to avoid getting your back wet, in particular, to avoid getting cold and therefore the possibility of falling ill. 
Even in summer, it is important to protect your torso with waterproof gilets, which are very light to carry and very practical! 

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