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The trekking bike, also known as touring bike, is a perfect model for people who like to travel and cycle to around the town. 

Do you want to travel with your new trekking bike? 

Choose the right backpack or panniers and bags to carry everything you need. 
Do you prefer a bike dedicated exclusively to off-road riding? Check out our MTB bikes section.
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What are trekking bikes?

Trekking bikes are MTBs that are usually front-mounted (front suspension), comfortable, sturdy and flexible at the same time, and ideal for those who want to travel over different types of terrain, and in general for those who intend to use the bike in a variety of ways (it can be used on the road to get around the city but also off-road).

How to choose a trekking bike?

It is certainly important to choose the right size (which is usually defined by the rider's height and the inseam). 

Lightweight wheels, a quality saddle and the right accessories can help guide the cyclist's choice. 

We always advise you to consider how you want to use the bike and to ask our sales staff for help.

Which trekking bike should be chosen to begin with?

If you are new to cycling, or to the idea of getting around on a bike for work or pleasure, we recommend considering an economical model, even a second-hand one if available, that is first of all comfortable and allows you to pedal in a relaxed riding position. 
The right components (depending on your needs, of course) complete the choice, such as a wide, soft saddle, ergonomic grips and accessories such as lights, mudguards and luggage rack.

Trekking or MTB bike?

Trekking bikes are ideal for travelling... they can be fitted with panniers, handlebars and/or frames, so you can take what you need with you. Whether in the mountains, the countryside or the city, trekking bikes adapt to most terrains. 
They usually have a front shock absorber to make it easier to pedal on off-road trails, but if you're looking for a bike just for off-road riding, the advice is still to choose an MTB.

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