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Full face bike helmets

Wearing a helmet when cycling is very important, even more so when riding off-road on adventurous trails full of obstacles...
Specialities such as downhill or enduro, but also freeride, are synonymous of speed and adrenaline, and it is essential to wear the right equipment so as not to hold back the fun! Protect your head by wearing a full-face helmet: these models offer total protection thanks to the presence of the chin guard, which in many cases is removable to allow you to face uphill and downhill with the same helmet.
At Cicli Mattio you can find quality, safe, but at the same time light, comfortable and stylish models!

Full-face bicycle helmet: what is it?

The full-face bicycle helmet is a MTB helmet that is characterised by the presence of the chin guard, which therefore covers the entire face except for the eyes, of course; it is slipped on from the top and slid over the face.  Downhill-oriented disciplines, also known as 'gravity', favour the downhill parts, so greater importance must be attached to safety. The best full-face helmets on the market are designed for comfort, lightness and ventilation. Many full-face bike helmets have the option of removing the chin guard, often with a magnet system that allows a simple, instant and safe conversion.

Full-face bike helmet for MTB

The best brands offering full-face bike helmets are MET, FOX RACING, BLUEGRASS, LAZER, KASK, and many others. Discover them now at Cicli Mattio.
In addition, some models are developed with MIPS technology, the advanced system to protect the head at 360 degrees.

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