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At CICLI MATTIO you can find used bicycles of all kinds... including used gravel bikes!

Would you like to go from asphalt to dirt roads on the same bike? Start your ride from the road in front of your house, cross fields and take off-road trails? A gravel bike is exactly what you need! And if you are considering buying a used gravel bike... you are on the right page!

In this section you will find all the used gravel and cyclocross bikes we have available: the page is constantly updated according to availability at the time, so remember to visit it often.

More information

Where to find used gravel bikes?

Cicli Mattio has been offering for sale used bicycles of all kinds for years: depending on availability, you will also find second-hand gravel bikes. Top quality products at advantageous prices, ideal for those who want to discover the gravel world starting from a more economical solution.

How to choose a used gravel bike?

If you are looking for a perfect, defect-free bicycle, please visit our BIKES page.
Used bikes may in fact have small marks and defects, but it is these that make them unique! 

When choosing a used gravel bike, it is important to generally assess the condition of the bike in relation to your needs and expectations. 
It is also essential to buy the right size, to avoid discomfort and pain due to an incorrect position while pedalling. 

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Depending on availability, you can find used GRAVEL bikes from the best brands on the market.