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Children's and youth bikes

Passion for cycling starts at any age. Even at a child's age!

All children learn to ride a bike, and for some it may become a passion. A bike is a way of experiencing fun, spirit of adventure and, as they grow up, the desire to do sport and keep fit. 
What is essential for children's bicycles is the safety issue, to offer the little cyclist non-toxic materials, reflective elements for visibility, specific geometries and accessories such as children's helmets

Do you want to travel with your children but they are still too little to pedal? Check out the kids bike seats & trailer section.

How to choose a bicycle for a boy or a girl?

Children's bicycles must first and foremost be safe, so it is better to avoid toy bicycles and low-quality materials.
The probability of falling can be high, which is why at Cicli Mattio we offer strong and durable frames. Wheels are also an important element to consider when making your choice: the best children's bicycles have wider and grooved tyres to guarantee greater stability and grip on the ground. 
It is also important to choose the right size to ensure fun, learning and safety.

How to choose a child's bike size?

There are two elements to consider when choosing the size of a child's bike: age and height. 

Here you can find information that combines these two factors and can guide your choice. Inches are given, which refer to the size of the wheels (all components of the bike are adjusted accordingly).

  • Children 1-3 years old, height up to 90 cm: 12″ - for this age range we recommend the BALANCE BIKE to start learning the balance of two wheels
  • Children aged 3-4 years, height from 90 to 105 cm: 14″
  • Children aged 4-5 years, height from 105 to 120 cm: 16″
  • Children of 6-7 years, height from 120 to 135 cm: 20″
  • Children of 8-11 years height from 135 to 155 cm: 24″
  • Children over 155 cm: we recommend size 27.5″
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