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Used wheels

At CICLI MATTIO you can find used wheels and get a real bargain!
Depending on availability, we offer second-hand road wheels, mtb wheels, e-bike wheels or gravel wheels for sale, which may be the ideal solution for those who need to fit out a frame or for those who want to replace their bicycle with quality wheels at a really advantageous price. 

Check out our "USED" section.
The page is constantly being updated according to current availability so remember to visit it often.

What to consider when buying used wheels?

We advise you, if you are considering the purchase of a pair of used wheels (or a single wheel), to carefully consider the state of wear of the product in relation to your needs and expectations.

Our team will be happy to help you in your choice, highlighting features and strengths of the second-hand wheel models available from Cicli Mattio.

How to choose a used wheel?

The wheel is a very important element of the bike, and choosing the right one can really make a difference: the "right" wheel means the one best suited to your needs, offering comfort and riding safety in relation to the required performance.

There is a bike wheel for every need, for every speciality. Today, the range of brands that produce wheels is indeed very wide. If you want to buy a used wheel, we advise you to be patient and wait for the one that best meets your demands to arrive.

Visit our website or visit us in shop!  
Depending on availability, you will be able to find used wheels from the best brands on the market, including Fulcrum, Mavic, Campagnolo, Lightweight, DTSwiss and many others. 

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