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The choice of cycling shoes is very important, not only for pros but for everyone who uses a bicycle for sport at any level.
In fact, choosing the right shoes and pedals for your needs can mean getting the most out of your performance. 

Have you found the perfect shoe for you? Choose compatible pedals and cleats.
Do you want to take care of your foot at best? See also the sections socks and shoe covers.

How to choose cycling shoes?

We'd like to repeat the concept: the choice of cycling shoes is important because it ensures more efficient cycling, so less energy is wasted and pedalling is smoother. 

And it is primarily determined by the needs of each cyclist: there are those who prefer comfort, those who prefer performance and are therefore looking for the best model available on the market, those who only cycle on the road, those who love off-road adventures and those who have chosen the bicycle as a means of transport for traveling.

Cycling shoes will help you feel more comfortable and express yourself better in the saddle.

What are the best cycling shoes?

In addition to any technical or aesthetic aspects, it is essential to choose the right size shoe. The fit must be precise to the foot, neither too tight nor too big. This ensures the cyclist has perfect control over the pedal and consequently over the pedal stroke. 

There is no such thing as one shoe that is better than another, because the differences are determined by the different uses to which the product will be put. 

The main elements to take into account when choosing a cycling shoe

In addition to the size of the shoe, these elements can vary:

- The type of pedal you want to use: shoes for quick release pedals or shoes for flat pedals.

- The sole of the shoe: for stiffness and shape. It can be made of different materials.

- The type of shoe closure: the closure system may be double or single BOA, velcro or laces.

- The weight: depending on the cyclist's needs and, above all, on the speciality he or she practices, he or she will prefer, for example, a very light shoe or a very robust one.  
See cycling shoes for Triathlon

- Shape and design: see Vintage cycling shoes 

What are the best MTB shoes?

The main requirement of a MTB shoe is strength, to protect the foot in case of falls or bumps, comfort both when pedalling and when walking if you need to do some stretches on foot, waterproofness, breathability and grip on the pedal, especially when descending. 

At Cicli Mattio you can find the best brands of MTB shoes such as Northwave, Shimano, Crankbrothers, Sidi, Fizik, DMT.

What are the best shoes for road cycling?

For road cycling, the preference of one model over another is usually based on the possibility of improved performance, so the cyclist will pay attention to weight, lightness, stiffness and fit to the foot

For these reasons, the best cycling shoes usually have a light and breathable upper (that fits the foot like a sock), a 100% carbon sole with the possibility of fitting quick release pedal cleats, and a BOA fastening system with a circular ratchet.

At Cicli Mattio you can find the best brands of road cycling shoes, such as Sidi, DMT, Northwave, Gaerne, Fizik, Shimano, Mavic, Lake. 

What are the best gravel shoes?

GRAVEL can be seen as a hybrid discipline, between road and off-road cycling. So even shoes dedicated to gravel are multi-purpose, because they combine technical features with a comfortable fit. 

What are the main characteristics of a gravel shoe? 

  • a sole that is neither too soft nor too hard;
  • good foot protection;
  • easy engagement and disengagement from the pedals;
  • a lifestyle design in line with the gravel style.
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