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About us

Born and raised in Italy

We are a team that over the years has become the reference for those cycling makes profession, craft it into a reason for living, for pleasure. We are able to accompany you, to give you the right keys to enter the world, great, two-wheeler. 

We are people passionate about cycling, who try to offer, in addition to high quality products, skills and professionalism... something extra that we are sure will make you want to return to Cicli Mattio.

We are Silvio, Giorgio, Michele, Marco, Dimitri, Silvia, Edoardo. And also Alessandro, Valentina, Maurizio, Silvia, Giorgio, Rossella, Klodjan, Lisa, Marta, Alessandra, Stefania, Alberto, Ezio, Maurizio. And finally Mattia, Andrea, Jacopo, Andrea and Alex.


We are Cicli Mattio.

Our values

  • Passion: at the heart of everything we do, passion is what gave Cicli Mattio life and what continues to drive and transform the team's vision into reality;

  • Honesty: we are authentic in the way we present ourselves and always honest when it comes to giving advice and suggestions. We put the client's interests before our own and we know how important it is to earn their long-term trust and loyalty through transparency and honesty in every interaction;

  • Attention / Dedication: every customer is a "fellow", part of our own community and large family of cycling enthusiasts. That is why we do our best to ensure that they receive personalised and dedicated support, just as we would like to receive it;

  • Quality: we strive to offer the best products on the market, and at the same time offer the best possible service, both in person and through our online customer service;

  • Commitment: we strive to always give our best, to always look for ways to bring more value and get "to the next level", in our service and in our relationship with people, our community and our planet;

  • Sharing: we live and encourage the pleasure of sharing not only the rides but also the joys and labours of everyday life with each member of our team and with those who accept to be part of our 'community'.
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