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Bicycle lights and bells belong to that category of accessories that are important to ensure the cyclist's safety while cycling in all situations. These elements allow the cyclist to see and be seen, and to be heard by others sharing the road/path with him/her. These are recommended accessories to be able to enjoy cycling, day and evening/night, in safety and serenity!

In particular, it is important to use bicycle lights during the daytime as well: there are so-called daytime running lights that are visible even during the daytime and thus allow the bicycle to be seen by motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians in all conditions, even in poor visibility due to heavy rain or fog/mist, for example. 

Let's discover together the models of the best brands that you can find at Cicli Mattio!

Bicycle lights

Bicycle lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider: good bike lights allow the cyclist both to see better (especially the front lights) and to be visible to others. 

There are different types of bike lights on the market, which we could summarise as follows:

  • Rear bicycle lights

Rear bicycle lights are lights that can not only put you in compliance with the Italian Highway Code, but also guarantee you greater safety whatever the time of day or weather conditions in which you ride... in fact, a rear light should be chosen carefully because it can greatly improve the level of safety in the saddle. 

It is important to choose a model with adequate brightness that is easy to mount and adjust to avoid annoying other motorists or cyclists.  

  • Front bike lights

Front bike lights are important both in mountain biking and during asphalt/gravel rides to allow you to see the route in all conditions and are usually mounted on the handlebars of the bike. They usually have a white light, which, thanks to its brightness, guarantees better performance and thus better visibility. The unit of measurement of brightness is the lumen and this must be adapted to the environment and context in which one is cycling. In the city, it is best not to exaggerate and to choose a front light of 80 to 400 lumens to avoid dazzling/annoying other road users, while on non-urban roads with no lighting and during night rides it is best to choose models of at least 1000 lumens.

  • Daytime running lights

Numerous studies show that riding a bicycle in daylight conditions equipped with a highly visible, flashing rear light is the most effective measure a cyclist can take to increase the likelihood of being seen by drivers of other vehicles. Daytime running lights are in fact designed with specific flashing, focusing and range characteristics. These features are designed to make the lights more visible during daylight hours, when they are thought to be useless! Particularly in poor visibility conditions, this type of bike light ensures that the cyclist can be seen and limits the possibility of accidents.

At Cicli Mattio we have a wide selection of bicycle lights for every application, from single lights to sets that include a front and a rear light. Check out our e-commerce or visit us in our shop!

Bicycle bells

The bicycle bell is an important accessory to be used especially for those who use a bicycle as a means of transport on a daily basis: it allows the cyclist to be heard, to warn other users of their arrival in advance and to limit the possibility of accidents. There are different types of bicycle bells on the market, both in terms of the sound emitted and the aesthetics/design of the product.

Bicycle mirrors

Bicycle mirrors are important elements for everyday cycling. In fact, choosing a bicycle as a means of transport is an ecological, ethical and health-friendly choice for the cyclist, but it must not become a source of stress and danger in traffic... which is why a bicycle mirror is an excellent ally to help you get where your eyes can't see! There are several models especially for city bikes and e-bikes.

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