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The drivetrain is that fundamental part of the bicycle that enables movement, converting the force expressed by the rider into movement of the wheel and, consequently, of the entire bicycle.

It is in fact a set of gears and mechanisms that together make up the drivetrain. Choose the drivetrain parts of your bike carefully, whether road, MTB, gravel bike, city bike or e-bike; if the parts are always well maintained, the friction between them will be lower and therefore less muscle power will be required to move the bike.

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To ensure performance and safety, it is very important to take care of all bicycle components, including the drivetrain: at Cicli Mattio you can find oils and maintenance products not to be missed!

A bicycle drivetrain is the set of various components designed to work together. In the specific case where all the mechanical parts of a drivetrain have been produced by the same company and belong to the same category, it is used the term groupset. 

Campagnolo proposed the first complete 'Record' groupset to the public in 1960 on the Legnano Roma Olimpiade. Since then, the evolution has been amazing, technologies have changed, and every year the best brands present their novelties, all to be discovered!

The bicycle drivetrain includes the chain, crankset, bottom bracket, cassette with rear sprockets, front derailleur and rear derailleur.

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