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The bottle cage and water bottle are essential accessories for cyclists because it is essential to stay hydrated both during training and in the race. In fact, the water bottle constitutes the water reserve to carry with you at all times: in fact, those who drink too little or too late may limit their performance results. It can be of various types and materials. 

The water bottle holder, on the other hand, is the tool that, once correctly mounted on the bike frame, allows you to 'house' your water bottle and not lose it at the first obstacle.

Different types of bike bottles

The first difference between the different types of bike water bottles available on the market concerns their use. There are in fact:

  • bottles for liquids (water, solutions with mineral salts, etc.)
  • tool-carrying bottles (for carrying keys and multi-tools for 'first aid' on the bike).

Secondly, an important difference is the material from which the bike bottle is made. It can in fact be made of:

  • plastic > lightweight, practical and inexpensive, ideal and popular especially with road cyclists who are conscious of gram weight but don't want to give up carrying a water reserve. 
  • aluminium > heavier than the plastic one, it has the advantage of being more resistant and retaining less odour.


Thermal bottles for bikes

Some cyclists love thermal bottles, why so?

They keep your drinks at the right temperature! The technology behind them keeps the liquid inside hot or cold, depending on the model. So in summer during long rides or on your travels you can always have a cool drink with you to help you cope with the heat, while in winter it will be useful to carry a hot drink with you. Thermal bike bottles are usually made of aluminium with an insulating layer inside. 

An important tip:
If you want your bottle to last as long as possible, always remember not to leave the bottle on the bike once you have finished cycling, but rinse it carefully with warm water to remove any residue and germs, and leave it to drain open and without a spout in a closed, dry place. This is to prevent the water bottle from smelling bad the next time it is used.

How to choose a bike bottle

Like any bike accessory, it is important to choose a bottle according to your needs. Are you looking for lightness, resistance, an ample water reserve, comfort? 

Practicality and internal capacity in particular are elements to be considered carefully. Water bottles come in many variations. 500 ml, 750 ml, 900 ml - these are just some of the most popular sizes.

Bike bottle cage

The bottle cage is the 'shell' that holds the bottle, attaches to the bike frame, and thus allows the cyclist to comfortably carry essential water reserves with him or her during training or racing as well as on rides with friends. The position of the bottle cage and canteen also allows the cyclist to access them easily and always be able to drink while pedalling. Practicality when cycling is everything!

Often you can find the bottle cage matched to its water bottle model. There are usually two fixing screws on the frame and they conform to standard sizes, and you can install very versatile plastic, metal or carbon bottle cages that can accommodate 0.40 to 0.75 litres. The access for inserting the water bottle can also be top or sideways.

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