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There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all bike saddle!

Everyone has different characteristics, which is why there is no one model of bike saddle that is suitable for all cyclists.
Every cycling discipline has its own requirements, and consequently one saddle may be more suitable than the other. The bike saddle must also be combined with a suitable and correctly adjusted seat post to provide a suitable riding position.

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The saddle, like pedals and handlebar, is one of the contact points between bike and cyclist, which is why it is important to find a comfortable, high-performance product that suits your needs. An incorrect and/or improperly positioned bike saddle can cause discomfort, sometimes even pain, to the cyclist and thus compromise his well-being and performance. 

What types of bicycle saddles exist?

There is a wide variety of models, which differ first and foremost according to the discipline: in a road saddle, for example, lightness, rigidity and performance are the main requirements, so the models are mostly narrow in shape and with little padding; a mountain bike saddle, on the other hand, having to absorb shocks and vibrations, has slightly wider and very padded models, which provide greater stability for the pelvis and comfort when pedalling. Finally, cycle-touring saddles are designed to offer absolute comfort through significant padding and greater width, because the cycle-tourist is not looking for results and spends many days in the saddle.

How to choose the right saddle?

There is no one right answer for everyone, but the main elements to take into account when choosing are:

    It depends primarily on the gender of the cyclist. Usually bike saddle models for women have a different shape designed specifically to fit the cyclist's pelvis. In addition, the shape may vary depending on the position: those who pedal in an aggressive position (more bent forward) should opt for a flat saddle, with more support at the front, where they will unload most of the pressure. Many cyclists who assume this riding position also prefer so-called 'short saddles', which improve the biomechanics of pedalling and optimise the seat in the more 'race' positions. On the other hand, those who pedal in an upright position will unload most of the weight on the ischial bones and should therefore prefer saddles with more rounded shapes and more padding.

    As well as varying in length, saddles can vary in width: to choose the right one, it is important to know the distance of your ischial bones. Ischial bones with a width of less than 11-11.5 cm require narrow saddles; wide ischial bones (greater than 11.5-12 cm) require saddles from 143 mm upwards, to optimise comfort, avoid discomfort and improve pedalling biomechanics.
    The hole, also known as the central cut-out, relieves pressure on the soft tissues and pelvic floor area. It is particularly suitable for those who ride in a more "race" position, so with a high difference in height between saddle and handlebars.

How to calculate bike saddle height?

How high you set the saddle is very important in order to have the right balance between push and pull. A saddle that is too high does not allow the possibility of traction, while too low does not allow the muscles to unload all the power onto the pedals and, in the long run, can cause problems for the knees.
Saddle height is usually measured from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle.
There are numerous methods for calculating saddle height, the most commonly used being the one that multiplies the height of the horse by the number 0.885.
It is recommended to use a biomechanical study in order to have your own personal value.

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