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Used components

At CICLI MATTIO you can find used components of all kinds... to complete your bicycle or upgrade it by replacing an accessory.
A second hand component can be an advantageous and economical solution.

In this section you will find all the used bike components that we have available: the page is constantly updated based on current availability so remember to visit it often.

When is it worth buying second-hand bicycle components?

Choosing to buy used bike components can be a winner if the second-hand product is compatible with your bike and meets your needs.
If you need to replace a component, we advise you to visit our USED section to check if we have the product you are looking for in stock!

Where to find used bike components?

At Cicli Mattio you can find used components to complete your bicycle: you will thus be able to upgrade or replace that you were planning to do and at the same time save money compared to buying a new component.

What kind of used components can I buy from Cicli Mattio?

Depending on availability, onciclimattio.com you may find used forks, used wheels, used handlebars and stems, used saddles, seatposts and much more.
If you do not find used components available onciclimattio.com, you can consult the new bicycle components section.

What to consider before buying a used bicycle accessory?

Before purchasing a used component, we advise you to carefully check the details, the compatibility with your vehicle and the state of wear of the product itself.
It will be impossible for it to be free from defects, but it is important to evaluate the signs, due to its previous usage, in relation to the intended future use.

Visit our website or come and visit us in our shop to discover the second-hand accessories and the available components!

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