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Do you want to go on a trip and take your bike with you? Are you planning a trip and would like to transport your bike by train/airplane? 

At Cicli Mattio you can find a wide choice of car bike carriers and solutions for moving your bike wherever you want... 
As well as offering you the possibility of transporting your bike, it is essential to choose safe bike accessories that protect your bike during the trip, especially the most delicate parts.

How to transport a bicycle in a car?

Certainly the most convenient and safest solution for transporting bicycles in a car is the use of bike carriers. There are different types and they can be adapted to the needs of the buyer in terms of position on the vehicle, attachment, number of bikes and total weight supported.
When choosing which car bike carrier to purchase, it is also important to take into account the compatibility of the model with your car and to be sure you understand how to secure your bicycle(s) on the carrier's mounts to avoid unpleasant accidents.

What types of car bike carriers exist?

Most cyclists are looking for easy and convenient bike carriers that at the same time keep their bikes safe and ready for use when unloaded at their destination.  

The 3 main types of bike carriers you can find are:

Towbar bike carriers:

If you have a vehicle that cannot carry much weight on the roof, or if you want a super aerodynamic solution to save on fuel costs, a towbar mounted bike carrier is a good choice. Towbar mounted bike carriers are the most common and are ideal if you already have a towbar on your vehicle or plan to install one. These bike carriers can carry between 1 and 4 bikes depending on the model, are easy to mount, and limit load lifting. Some models provide the option of tilting even with the bikes loaded for quick and convenient boot access. The total weight that can be loaded depends on the type approval of the tow bar, usually ranging between 70 and 100 kg that can be loaded, including the bike carrier.

Roof-mounted bike carriers:

Roof-mounted bike carriers have a sleek, sporty design and are compatible with almost any size of bike. They are ideal if the car is not too high. They can be fork-mounted, wheel-mounted or frame-mounted and require roof rails to be installed on the car.

Rear bike carriers: 

this type of bike carrier can carry between 1 and 3 bikes, is foldable and can be stored easily when not in use, making it great for cyclists who do not cycle often or have limited space in the garage or home. It is easily installed and does not require a tow bar or roof bars on the car.

Other types of bike carriers

Even at home it is ideal to have bike racks to store your bike when you are not using it.

There are in fact:

  • wall-mounted bike racks
  • floor-standing bike racks/racks

They can also be convenient for storing your bike during washing, lubrication or minor maintenance work.

Bike panniers and transport bags

If you travel by train or plane, it is important to choose transport bags to better protect your bike, especially the most delicate parts, and to move it easily.
On our website you will find various models of bike panniers and transport bags, also dedicated exclusively to wheels and frame. 

What bike rack accessories do I need?

Depending on the model of bike carrier, accessories may be required to be mounted on the vehicle in order to be able to mount the carrier afterwards.

Roof-mounted bike carriers need to be mounted on the roof bars, which is a necessary accessory for this type of carrier.
Towbar bike carriers are mounted on the vehicle's towbar, so it is necessary to mount and register the vehicle with this accessory.
Rear bike carriers do not require accessories already installed on the vehicle.

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