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The bike wheel is much more than just an accessory: it is one of the essential parts of the bike, a rotating mass that uses various forces and affects the completeness of the mechanical means.

The best bike, in fact, even with the best components, is still not a good bike without a suitable wheel. And by adequate we mean suitable for one's needs, capable of guaranteeing comfort and riding safety and offering maximum performance in terms of stiffness and smoothness.

What to consider when buying a wheel or rim for your MTB, trekking, city or racing bike?
The first thing you need to know before buying a bike wheel or rim is what type of bike you want to mount your wheel on. Also, it is important to take into account the weight of the person who uses the bike and the type of transmission on the bike.

A bicycle wheel consists mainly of 3 parts:

  • HUB: this is the central part around whose axle the wheel rotates. It is the heart of the wheel, which today has more and more advanced characteristics to make it an element capable of offering smoothness, long life and reduced weight (see models with ceramic bearings);
  • SPOKES: these are the metal tie-rods that are mounted between the hub and the rim;
  • RIM: this is the rim on which the tyre is mounted.

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How to choose bicycle wheels?

The first thing we need to know before buying a bike wheel or rim is to know what type of bike we want to mount our wheel on, whether it is a road bike, MTB, gravel bike, etc.

Then the intended use of the wheels we are considering buying.

We must then take into account the weight of the person using the bike and the type of transmission we have on our bike.

The main characteristics that differentiate the various models are size, material, profile height.

How do you measure the circumference of the wheel?

The wheels differ mainly in diameter length, consequently in circumference. For road and city models, the wheels, including tread, all have an outer diameter of 700mm. MTB wheels have diameters that are divided into three groups: 26", 27.5" and 29". Each frame will be prepared to mount a specific wheel, note that MTB wheels have inches as their unit of measurement, unlike road wheels which used mm.

All bike rims are characterised by the size of the diameter, and indirectly the circumference, with the tread mounted.

Which wheels for each cycling discipline?

For each cycling discipline there are different types of wheels, which are best suited to the requirements of the type of cycling.
Here are the main ones:


these are very thin wheels, and make aerodynamics and lightness their strong points. Depending on the model they can fit clinchers, tubeless or tubular tyres. They are very thin and have a higher rigidity than other models.


these are much wider and lighter wheels than road models, their strength is their resistance to knocks and bumps. They may have a slightly aerodynamic profile but in MTB it is less important than on the road.


these are wheels similar to those for road bikes, they have a slightly aerodynamic profile but are also very strong as gravel and gravel sections are involved in gravel riding.


these are wheels with smaller diameters than the adult bike, they must be very strong because children, being inexperienced, subject them to numerous bumps, they do not have to be sporty but they are essential for the growth of the small cyclist.

How much do bicycle wheels cost?

Wheel prices vary depending on the characteristics of the model and of course whether you are buying a single wheel (front or rear) or a pair. 

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