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Gravel bike wheels

GRAVEL is a discipline that allows you to pedal on asphalt and dirt, roads and rough tracks, which is why the choice of the right gravel wheel (and tyres) is important to offer a good cycling sensation and why not better performance. 
Indeed, gravel bike wheels must be strong but at the same time light and handy, to allow you to pedal over different terrain almost without noticing it. They are designed for those who are looking for new adventures, new terrain and new challenges.

Gravel bike wheels: advice on which one to choose

Depending on the type of cycling, type of bike and budget, there are different models of gravel wheels on the market, which differ in terms of technology, material and weight.

Some models are more suitable for touring cyclists, others for gravel racers. The main differences are in the construction materials (carbon/aluminium) and the quality of the hubs.

Gravel bike wheels: the best brands

The best brands offering GRAVEL wheels are Enve, Campagnolo, Mavic, DTSwiss, Fulcrum, Ritchey, Zipp and Officine Mattio.

Among the best models are the LIGHTWEIGHT Pfadfinder Evo, CAMPAGNOLO Levante 30, ENVE AG25 Foundation, DEDA ELEMENTI Gera, OFFICINE MATTIO Gravel 38.

Carbon wheels for gravel bikes

Many brands that produce gravel bike wheels have developed carbon fibre models: this material has the advantage of being stiff, strong and light, and offers excellent performance. Compared to aluminium it is more expensive, but the quality is definitely superior.

Gravel bike wheel sizes

In general, gravel wheels have the following measurements:

  • DIAMETER: 700

Most modern gravel bikes usually mount tyres from 32 up to 46.

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