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It is not a traffic rules, but all cyclists, both those who practise cycling and those who use it as a means of transport, agree on one thing: a helmet is a requirement! 

It offers protection in case of falls or accidents and is important for all routes, even those that seem more 'banal' to us.
Whether they are helmets for mountain bikes, racing bikes, city bikes, helmets for children or adults: all the helmets offered by Cicli Mattio are certified and comply with current safety regulations.

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There are a lot of aspects that differentiate helmets from each other: shape, speciality, colour, weight, construction technologies, comfort. A good helmet should not be felt, but it is there: this means that it should not bother the cyclist in any way, but at the same time be a protection in case of need. 

When is a bicycle helmet compulsory?

In Italy, helmets are not compulsory for traffic rules, but we would recommend wearing them at all times, even in seemingly non-dangerous situations: on the road, cyclists 'live' with other elements that can cause falls, such as cars, lorries, pedestrians, other cyclists, and even uneven ground, potholes and roots. 

The situation is different in competitions, where a helmet is compulsory at all times, whatever the type of competition (road, track, mountain bike, enduro, etc.).

What are the main types of cycling helmets?

Helmets differ primarily in terms of the speciality for which they are intended, so road helmets are different in shape, weight and technology to MTB helmets, for example. Road helmets are different in shape, weight and technology from MTB helmets, for example. Road helmets are designed to be light and aerodynamic, while mountain bike helmets are stronger, heavier and may have a chin guard to protect the face as well (so-called full-face helmets). 

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How to choose your MTB helmet?

It is important to choose the right size helmet, so neither one that is too tight, as this could put too much pressure on the skull, nor one that is too loose, as it would move too much and lose its protective capacity.

Depending on the mountain bike discipline (e.g. XC, Enduro, Downhill) the helmet is different. For example, full-face helmets are used for gravity disciplines, such as enduro and downhill; they have a chin guard that protects the face from possible impacts and, unlike those used for motocross, they are lighter, more ventilated with air intakes and have more internal padding, which is usually removable and washable.

How to choose your Road Bike helmet?

For the road cyclist, the helmet is first and foremost an indispensable element of safe cycling! This is why it is important to ensure that the model has the safety certificates required at European level. 

It is also important to check:
- The size of the helmet, possibly by measuring the circumference of the skull and following the size chart available for each model;

- The fit, the helmet must not be too far forward or too backward and must cover the forehead and temples correctly;

- The ventilation, to avoid excessive sweating;

- The weight.

Once the helmet has been put on, the lock can be adjusted using the micrometric regulation system, which all the best road helmets have.