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Cycling pants are made of technical fabrics that are elastic, comfortable, breathable and above all have a pad, a special padding under the inseam that protects against skin chafing and excessive pressure in the perineal and ischial area. The pad is particularly important for those who love to ride and spend hours on the bike, because if you are not comfortable in the saddle you risk feeling discomfort/pain and thus assume an incorrect position.

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Cycling pants are perhaps one of the most important choices for those who want to ride without discomfort: choosing to ride with normal pants, not specifically designed for cycling, is highly not recommended. 

To meet the needs of all cyclists, there are different types of pants, designed specifically to be high-performance and comfortable:

Road cycling pants have a pad and are very tight-fitting, to prevent the fabric from friction with the air, whereas MTB pants can be with or without a pad (we recommend wearing underwear with a pad in the latter case) and are much wider to provide plenty of freedom of movement.

How to choose cycling pants in every season?

Depending on the season we can find winter pants or summer pants.

  • Winter pants are usually long and made of thermal fabrics, to protect the cyclist who does not want to give up cycling even when the temperatures are low.
  • Summer pants, on the other hand, are short and it is very important that they are breathable, to prevent the skin from getting wet from sweat and skin irritations.

What are the specifications of cycling pants?

  • For road: usually very close-fitting (see also compression pants), with a structured pad for those who ride for miles and with braces to improve fit and comfort.
  • For MTB/enduro: decidedly wider, they must allow the rider ample freedom of movement and offer the possibility of wearing knee pads and protective underwear.
  • For gravel/e-bikes: these are soft but usually have a pad, no braces and are designed for cyclists/cyclists who want comfort, protection and quality without striving for performance.

Are there differences between men's and women's cycling pants?

The first big difference between men's and women's cycling pants is the different pad, which is designed specifically for the anatomy of the man/woman. 

In addition, women's bib shorts, whether long or short, often have a mono-brace, to provide greater comfort, prevent the two braces from annoying the breasts and make it easier to wear.

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