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Cycling knee protectors

Cycling knee pads are a very important accessory to protect a cyclist's knees from possible bumps and falls, especially for off-road cyclists. In fact, high speeds and especially uneven terrain can be dangerous in the event of a fall, so wearing all the protections, including knee pads, can prove to be the winning choice. 

Comfortable, stretchy but at the same time robust, they can offer the safety you need to make the most of your adventures!

What are cycling knee pads used for?

Bike knee pads serve to protect the biker in the event of a fall or impact against branches or rocks, especially on off-road trails. They should be worn at all times, even when the route does not seem so difficult, because the knees are very exposed and in order not to ruin a good MTB outing.

How to choose MTB knee pads

There are different types of MTB knee pads on the market, depending on the technology designed by the manufacturer and the material. The best MTB knee pads on the market, and which you can find at Cicli Mattio, are light and breathable to offer optimal comfort during your off-road adventures. These are in fact pads that should protect you without restricting your ability to move. They often have protective inserts that can be removed for washing.

How to choose knee pads for racing bikes

There are also knee pads for road cycling, but they are not very popular. On the other hand, they are important and used among those who enjoy gravel and cycle touring, precisely because of the variety of terrain and routes the cyclist may encounter.

How to choose the right size of cycling knee pads

To choose the right size of bike knee pads for you, you can measure the circumference of your leg above and below the knee cap and compare this data with the size chart provided (where available). Alternatively, we will be waiting for you in the shop to try on the product directly and choose the most suitable size.

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