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Why and how to wear a bike helmet?

Why and how to wear a bike helmet?

Some ride for sport, some to go to work, some to let off steam, some to clear the mind…

Whatever the motivation that drives you to ride a bicycle, would you ever put your life and safety at risk?
We are sure the answer is NO!

For this reason, cyclists should always respect the rules of the highway code, use their heads and above all protect them by wearing a HELMET.

Is the bicycle helmet mandatory?

In Italy it is not foreseen by a law, however all those who use the bicycle, regardless of the length and the "degree of danger" of the route, should wear a helmet.
In fact, studies show that around 85% of all bicycle accidents also result in head injuries, some of which can even develop into permanent damage.

For many, the helmet is an accessory to combine with the rest of the bike look, but it is first of all a component capable of protecting against impacts against the ground, vehicles that share the road with the cyclist, branches and other elements that could find along the way.

Here are 4 things to never forget:

  • Choose the right high-quality HELMET for YOU
  • Wear it and adjust it correctly
  • Check the state of wear
  • Never forget it!


How to choose a bicycle helmet?

We suggest you to choose a reliable dealer such as Cicli Mattio, who can advise you on the best helmet based on your needs.
The materials, the sturdiness, the ventilation are very important elements in the choice: ask one of our sellers to describe the product or carefully read the description that you find on our site, so as to know the characteristics that each model presents.


How to measure a bicycle helmet?

The size is also fundamental: based on the circumference of your skull, it is good to choose the closest one, so that the helmet is not too big or too tight.
What is the right size? When worn without fastening it, and only with the adjustment of the rear wheel, it does not move if we turn our head left and right.


Once you have tried on the helmet, you need to adjust the micrometric wheel located at the back, at the nape of the neck, so as to check that the adherence of the helmet to your head is perfect and that it does not exert too much pressure.
The micrometric adjustment of the helmet circumference must be very firm. Not tight but firm. A good trick to verify this is to tighten the rear wheel and then, as soon as you feel it pressing on the skin, let go of a notch by loosening the micrometric adjustment. In this way the helmet should neither rotate nor rock forward or backward.

Furthermore, it is important that the helmet is positioned correctly with respect to the front-to-back inclination: it must protect both the neck and the forehead, and for this reason it must be just above the eyebrows, so that the distance between the edge of the helmet and the hairline of the eyebrows is about two fingers.

Finally, the strap must be arranged so that it fits around the neck without being too tight or annoying.


There is no real expiration date, however it is advisable to change your bike helmet every 3 years. This is general advice, which does not take into account how and how much the helmet is used, but it is nonetheless an indication that can be useful to all cyclists.
Over time, materials can in fact lose their shock absorption properties and therefore their protective effectiveness…

It is however important to check that the helmet does not show any cracks or dents even before this suggested "limit", because in these cases it is NECESSARY to change it immediately!


We have already said it but we prefer to repeat ourselves…

Always wear a helmet, even if you choose the lightest, most ventilated, best performing model, just to experience the sensation of hardly feeling it on you, NEVER FORGET IT!

So, what are the TOP helmet brands recommended by PRO cyclists?

The best helmet brands you can find at Cicli Mattio are MET, KASK, Fox Racing, Dainese, Las, Lazer, Mavic, Giro, Smith and many more.
They are the choice of many internationally renowned athletes and many of the world's top teams!

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