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Many sportsmen dream of starting to ride a racing bikes: the charm and long history that this vehicle brings with it create a strong attraction and thus the curiosity and desire to try it is born.

It is not the usual bicycle, its characteristics, its technologies and the position that the cyclist must assume make the road bicycle a means for playing sports, for training, for competing and for staying fit.

And as the name itself suggests, it was created to be on the asphalt, for speed and aerodynamics!


Let's dig deeper…

What is a racing bike?

By definition, the racing bicycle was born for competitions. In fact, its shape and technical characteristics make it an ideal bicycle for pedaling on smooth asphalt and for reaching high speeds... precisely for competing and, why not, winning!

How are racing bikes made?

Its main characteristics are lightness, thin tyres, the classic handlebar with "curves" and a riding position that is defined as "loaded forward". Now it's clearer what we're talking about?!

But how to choose the racing bike that best suits your needs?!

First of all, it is good to make an assessment of the type of cyclist:

  • a neophyte,
  • a bike lover who has always cycled on off-road trails,
  • a sportsman who loves hard work,
  • a road cyclist who is looking for a model capable of making him climb higher in his personal classification!

Another element that affects the choice of racing bike is the budget you have available and intend to spend. In addition to the frame, wheels, groupset and various components greatly influence the final price of the bicycle. If you want to approach the world of road cycling as a "neophyte", the solution could be to evaluate the purchase of a used bike, which allows the cyclist to understand if the purchase made is exactly the one for him/her.

Finally, it is necessary to evaluate the type of use that one intends to make of it, also in relation to the time available to the cyclist for training.

Road bike sizes

How to choose the right size of racing bike? It may seem trivial but the wrong choice could lead the cyclist to assume an incorrect position and therefore to be uncomfortable and unable to obtain the desired performance.
For each model, the geometry of the frame and a size table are available which, based on the height of the cyclist and the measurement of his crotch height, will return the most suitable size.

What are the best road bikes?

There are many brands on the market that produce road bicycles within their product catalogue, some of them really have a very long tradition and history, which has made them famous and known by cyclists from all over the world.

Among the racing bike brands that you can find at Cicli Mattio we mention BIANCHI, BMC, CANNONDALE, CIPOLLINI, COLNAGO, DE ROSA, FOCUS, OFFICINE MATTIO, TREK, WILIER TRIESTINA and many more!

But what are the prices of racing bikes?

Road bikes can vary in price based on the type of frame, in particular its material and the technologies it features, and what are the components that complete it, from the handlebars, to the saddle, to the wheels, to the groupset.
You will then be able to find cheaper racing bikes and others that you think are really overpriced.
Why do racing bikes cost so much? Remember that these are the top-of-the-range bikes used by the pros who occupy the top spots on the world stage, and they have to be like a "Ferrari" for them to take them to the top step of the podium.

Also, contact us for more information about the possibility of financing your purchase and paying for your new bike in convenient installments.

Where to buy a racing bike?

Are you looking for a serious and reliable dealer to buy your racing bike?
Trust Cicli Mattio, for over 25 years we have been offering bicycles of all kinds to our customers, offering, in addition to quality products, our experience, our skills and the passion we have for cycling as a sport, a moment of aggregation and friendship and lifestyle!

Discover the racing bikes that you can buy from Cicli Mattio

We are authorized dealers of the best brands on the road bike market... many models of the highest quality!

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