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Tour de France 2024 bikes: price, weight and top brands

Tour de France 2024 bikes: price, weight and top brands

The Tour de France is back: the 111th edition of the French stage race will take place from 29 June to 21 July.

From Florence to Nice, passing through Bologna, Turin, the Galibier, the Massif Central, the Pyrenees, Monte-Carlo and Cime de la Bonnette. The countdown has now started to experience the 111th edition of the Tour de France, also called "La Grande Boucle", starting on June 29th for the first time ever in Italy.

Another novelty of the Tour de France 2024 concerns the arrival: the last stage will be an individual time trial on the French Riviera, and not in Paris with the usual catwalk on the Champs Elysees, to avoid it overlapping with the Olympics and the great organizing machine .


Let's give some numbers...

22 participating teams.
3492 km in total, 21 stages of which 8 flat, 4 hilly, 7 mountain (with 4 summit finishes at Saint-Lary-Soulan Pla d'Adet, Plateau de Beille, Isola 2000, Col de la Couillole), 2 time trials and 2 days of rest.
4 countries visited: Italy, San Marino, Monaco and France. In France, the race will cross 7 regions and 30 departments.
4 mountain ranges: Apennines, Italian and French Alps, Massif Central and Pyrenees.

The top bike brands of the Tour de France 2024

The bicycles that we will see at the 2024 Tour de France are the best on the market and represent the top in terms of technology, materials, engineering, precisely because the best riders in the world are competing!
The strongest teams on the World Tour will compete to climb to the top step of the podium... Who will win?! In the meantime, let's know the teams and the bike brand that you can find at Cicli Mattio with which they will compete:

How much does a Tour de France bike cost?

The bicycles that we will see racing at the Tour de France 2024 represent the excellence of the market, they are the choices of professional teams on the international scene to make riders fast and successful!

The prices of the Tour de France 2024 bikes are quite high and even reach around €14,000, obviously reflecting the high level of these products.
For example, the Visma - Lease a bike team will race with the Cervélo S5 Disc, a model of the Canadian brand sold to the public at €12,999, or the Arkea - B&B Hotels team with the Bianchi Oltre RC for €13,899, and again the EF Education team - Easypost with the Cannondale SuperSix EVO from €12,749. These and many other bicycles can be purchased on cyclingmattio.com, don't miss them!

How much does a Tour de France bike weigh?

Being light means being potentially faster and more performing, so the brands that produce bicycles work to create products that are first and foremost light. The geometries of the frame, the choice of carbon as a material for its construction, the electronic gear shift, the right components, the wheels with the weight reduced to a minimum: everything to obtain a light bicycle that respects the international regulation, which sets in the minimum weight of the competition models is 6,800 grams.

What bike does Pogačar use at the 2024 Tour de France?

Tadej Pogacar, Slovenian athlete of the UAE Emirates Team born in 1998, is one of the most complete and spectacular riders in the world, and is experiencing a golden moment of great successes and has recently triumphed on his debut at the 2024 Giro d'Italia. Also supporting him for the Tour de France will be his team and the right bicycle: the Colnago V4Rs!


It is the perfect bike to face climbs, descents, changes in altitude and be equally performing and, we hope, successful!
How?! The V4Rs was conceived as a fully integrated system. All components must be developed and tested together to demonstrate overall benefits. To create the ultimate racing bike, different layups characterized by as many different rigidity matrices were designed and tested. The best layup was given to the athletes themselves, who were equipped with a "prototype" to participate in the 2022 Tour de France, in order to take the bicycle to real limit conditions (on cobblestones, in sprints, uphill and downhill ) and provide data and feedback to design engineers.
At the Giro d'Italia Pogacar demonstrated his preparation, his training and his talent, and his Colnago V4Rs did the same: it confirmed itself as an engineering masterpiece.
Will he be able to do the double and also triumph at the 2024 Tour?!?

How to buy a Tour de France bike?

Cicli Mattio offers for sale both in-store and on its e-commerce the best bicycles on the world scene, and among these there are the bicycles that the World Tour champions use to face the thousand challenges of a stage race like the Tour de France. The bicycles used by the pros are not in fact exclusive to them, but can be purchased by everyone by contacting authorized retailers such as Cicli Mattio. Our e-commerce can thus reach and make cyclists from all over the world happy, thanks to our shipping system which we take care of in every detail.
Furthermore, this year several stages of the Tour de France 2024 will pass right by our "home" and in particular we will be in Isola 2000, just past the state border at Colle della Lombarda, to experience the emotions of the arrival of the 19th stage.We are waiting for you too!

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