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Cycling toward big goals

Cycling toward big goals


This year CICLI MATTIO celebrated an important birthday, 25 candles, which we are sure do not symbolise a finishing line but rather a great stage in its journey...

We have set ourselves many goals and have been working on them for months, and there are many NEW things waiting for you.

From 1996 to today, many things have changed: the name Cicli Mattio has become more and more known, the staff has grown, the headquarters have changed, the Internet and technology have taken over, but one thing has remained the same in all these years, the PASSION that Silvio, Giorgio and the whole team cultivate for cycling.

We have chosen to change our accounting system, we have created a new line of Cicli Mattio clothing, we have made an important investment to better organise the warehouse, installing two rotating machines and last but not least, we have created our new website...

A functional and navigable e-commerce, but above all a container of products, promotions, stories, advice and emotions for all the cyclists who follow us!

Small and big steps that we are taking to improve ourselves, to offer a better sales experience and to reach more and more enthusiasts around the world.


Discover now the new BLOW collection by Cicli Mattio...

For a long time we have wanted to create our own line, elegant, sophisticated and of high quality. Now we are proud to present it to you!

Go to the BLOW collection

We hope to surprise you, to show you all our commitment, our far-sightedness while remaining close, our desire to grow again and again!

We want to offer you professionalism, reliability and... great products!

Bicycles, components, accessories, apparel... On ciclimattio.com you can find everything you need!

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