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Interview with Marta Bassino

Interview with Marta Bassino

Hello Marta, a question we are sure many people will ask is: how does a champion skier train in the summer? What disciplines do you practice?

Summer training is always very varied, both in terms of disciplines practiced and in terms of intensity.

In these first few months we are working a lot on endurance, elasticity, balance and proprioception. We are doing different disciplines to improve my aerobic capacity, such as cycling and the work done on the athletics field.

I also do ski rolls, tennis and walking in the mountains - all disciplines that improve my endurance.
In the following month I will intensify the specific work done in the gym, with the aim of increasing muscle mass and therefore strength.

In the months of late summer and early autumn, I'm going to define work that aims to transform strength through speed work on the athletics field.

How often do you train?

This period is really important to lay the foundations for the next season.
I usually train in May/June/July once or twice a day.
From July onwards I start training on snow again, so I reduce my dry training to just one training session a day.

During the winter we do specific exercises to maintain the work done in the previous months.

Although your professional life is in the snow, do you like summer? What do you like to do at weekends?

I love the summer and as soon as the season is over I always escape to the sea to recharge my batteries.

As well as the sea, I love walking in the mountains, more specifically getting lost in the beauty of the Natural Park of the Maritime Alps.

When will ski training restart?

In July I will start snow training again, which will be intensified in August, September and October.






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