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How to clean your thermal water bottle

How to clean your thermal water bottle

The water bottle is an important accessory to carry with you during your rides to stay hydrated and have the right energy to complete your ride or training session. In particular, the thermal bottle allows you to maintain the correct temperature of the drink, hot for autumn/winter rides and cold for rides during the summer.

It is important to clean your thermal bottle as best as possible, in fact, if you continue to use your bottle without washing it, it could become a den of bacteria, viruses and mold. Both steel and aluminum bottles or even plastic ones can be easily contaminated by microorganisms that develop in humid environments, especially if, for example, mineral salts or other supplements are added to water. These microorganisms, if present in large quantities, can cause problems for our gastrointestinal system.

Read our tips on how to clean the thermal water bottle and put them into practice, so you can enjoy your favorite drinks on every occasion and in complete safety!

How to wash the thermal water bottle in the dishwasher

It is possible to wash the thermal bottle in the dishwasher if you find the symbol on the bottom of the product which allows it to be placed in the dishwasher (the symbol is made up of a stylized glass and fork). If present, you can insert the bottle upside down and the cap without any seal.

How to wash the thermal bottle by hand

Washing the thermal bottle by hand is one of the most common and perhaps the favorite among cyclists. We recommend using hot water, adding a little to the bottle with a few drops of dishwashing detergent, resealing the cap and shaking. You can also make the job easier by using a special brush suitable for cleaning water bottles/bottles that you find on the market.

Once washed carefully, it is best to rinse it carefully to eliminate any detergent residue. Also remember the cap and wash the closure thread with particular care: that's where bacteria can nest!

How to disinfect the thermal bottle

To disinfect the thermal bottle you can use disinfectant solutions available on the market and detergents specifically designed for this purpose, or you can adopt "do it yourself" solutions which are decidedly more homemade but no less effective!

It is in fact possible to create a solution of water and vinegar, or water and bicarbonate of soda or water and lemon and leave it to act overnight, then rinse thoroughly and let the thermal bottle breathe for several hours before using it again.

How to remove bad smell from thermal water bottle: tricks and tips

To eliminate the bad smell from the thermal water bottle we recommend using one of the "do it yourself" methods such as using water and lemon or bicarbonate of soda to disinfect it and then rinse it and leave it to dry for several hours. This way it will not have any bad smells or even those of the vinegar/bicarbonate/lemon used for cleaning.

What are the best thermal water bottles

Cicli Mattio offers a wide range of thermal bottles and standard bottles, in store and on its e-commerce bicimattio.com

Among the most popular models we mention the Ice Fly thermal water bottle by Elite: very light, practical and perfect for keeping your drink cool during your bike ride. This bottle is able to ensure that the temperature of cold liquids is maintained doubled compared to traditional bottles, for up to 2.5 hours. To guarantee the excellent thermal performance of the Ice Fly there is the innovative double isothermal wall, which allows heat exchanges to be eliminated, ensuring a maximum degree of thermal insulation.
Visit our website and discover the catalog of water bottles from which to choose the one that's right for YOU!

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