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How to choose the right saddle?

How to choose the right saddle?

This is a question that many people ask themselves and which is not so easy to answer... Let's try to clarify it together!

Rule n°1:

There is no one saddle that fits all!
Each of us has different characteristics, which is why there is no universal advice.
Each cycling discipline has its own requirements and consequently one saddle may be more suitable than another.
However, it is important that the saddle is chosen according to the physical conformation and needs of the cyclist who will use it.





It depends primarily on the sex of the cyclist. Women's models usually have a different shape designed specifically to fit a woman's hips. In addition, the shape can vary depending on the position: those who ride in an aggressive position (more bent forward) should opt for a flat saddle, with more support at the front, where they will unload most of the pressure. Many cyclists who assume this riding position also prefer 'short saddles', which improve the biomechanics of pedalling and optimise the seat in the more 'race' positions.

On the contrary, those who pedal in an upright position will unload most of their weight onto their ischial bones and should therefore prefer saddles with a more rounded shape and more padding.


In addition to varying lengths, saddles can have different widths: to choose the right one, it is important to know the distance of your ischial bones (Cicli Mattio can give you this indication, come visit us in store).

Ischial bones with a width of less than 11-11.5 cm require narrow saddles; wide ischial bones (greater than 11.5-12 cm) require saddles from 143 mm upwards, to optimize comfort, avoid discomfort and improve biomechanics of pedalling.


The hole, also known as the central cut-out, relieves pressure on the soft tissues and pelvic floor area. It is particularly suitable for those who ride in a more "race" position, so with a high difference in height between saddle and handlebars.


At Cicli Mattio you can find the perfect saddle for you!

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