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Cicli Mattio: departments and staff

Cicli Mattio: departments and staff

CICLI MATTIO is a single large team, however divided by roles and skills into 5 departments:

1.     STORE

It is our showcase, the place that many cycling enthusiasts visit every day to browse and discover the latest news...come and visit us and shop!
The display area of the shop is approximately 200 square meters large, offering helmets, goggles, sungasses, clothing, protections, as well as backpacks, purses, accessories for cycling tourism, supplements, trainers, bike racks, technological tools and, of course, a vast range of road bicycles, gravel, mtb, electric, city and trekking bikes.
To welcome you here you will find Michele, the shop manager and perhaps the most competitive when it comes to sport, Marco, the "technologist" of the team, Dimitri, the most talkative of the salesmen, Silvia, in charge of the clothing department and finally Edoardo, the new entry of the group.

A team of salesmen but perhaps even before that, cycling and sports enthusiasts!



The workshop assistance service offers mechanical, electrical and electronic interventions on all types of bicycles, from the most modern racing bikes to enduro mtb and city bikes.
The main processes are all-round bicycle repair, sale of accessories and consumables (tyres, chains, grips), assembly of new bicycles, replacement of components for gearboxes and upgrades as well as diagnostics on electrical parts. Over 5,000 bicycles are processed each year.

Trainings are very important to us, so our mechanics very often attend technical and updating courses in order to always keep up with the continuous changes in products and with the new technologies that are applied to bicycles.

In the workshop you can entrust your adventure companion to the skilled hands of Mattia, Jacopo, Andrea, Alex, and Andrea's contagious smile will welcome you and recommend the right products.
They too go for bike rides almost every day during their lunch break, and for this reason they are able to give you the right advice and reveal the secrets of those who love and know the bicycle very well.
Also working behind the scenes are Alberto and Ezio, who take care of assembling the bicycles to be delivered to the shop and sent to those who buy online. For shipments, which travel all over the world, they work with great care to pack the bicycles in the best possible way, to prevent them from being damaged during transport and to ensure that they arrive safely to their new homes.


The online office is made up of a varied group of components who, each with their own role, work to make the shopping experience on our e-commerce pleasant, efficient, fast and simple.

Alessandro, the department manager, coordinates and monitors the work of this small, yet large, "machine", following the commercial part and the relationships with suppliers.
Valentina takes care of all the shipments, preparing the parcels and organizing the collections of the couriers, helped by Silvia and Maurizio, who then deal in particular with the pre- and post-sales customer assistance along with ordering clothing and accessories from the suppliers.
Klodjan and Lisa take care in particular of loading products and controlling their display on the site, with the supervision and help of Giorgio, who monitors competitors' prices and is the IT of Cicli Mattio, the one who intervenes every time a program doesn't work or there's a new computer to install.
Rossella, with the support of Lisa, creates advertising content for the website, social networks and newsletters, taking care of the marketing of the Cicli Mattio brand.


Alessandra, Marta, Stefania and Dino are our account specialists: with commitment and dedication they take care of accounting records, payments, invoicing and... making ends meet when it comes to all the administrative/accounting aspects of the company.



The warehouse is our "safe", without which we could not work and obviously sell.
Giorgio and Maurizio follow the warehouse, registering the incoming and outgoing goods through the dedicated management system and organizing storage.

In the last year, two new rotating machines have been installed, perfect for containing small spare parts and small products: it is sufficient to give the command to the machine for the product you are looking for and the shelves rotate until they are positioned correctly and a light indicates the right compartment to pick up the goods from. This investment has been made to make the job faster, more efficient and to reduce the margin of error as much as possible.

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