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What to check when buying a used bike

What to check when buying a used bike

At Cicli Mattio we give new life to used bicycles... Our mechanics carry out a complete diagnosis of the state of health of the bicycle and then get to work to carry out interventions and replacements where necessary!
In fact, all the details of the vehicle are checked from a mechanical, electrical/electronic, functional and aesthetic point of view. The bike will never be new again, but this is precisely the charm of those who choose to buy a used bike: they have already experienced a thousand adventures, and are ready to experience just as many!

What to check when buying a used bike

It is important to check the general condition of the used bike, starting from the frame, the group and the components, up to the correct functioning of the derailleur, brakes, etc. Before the aesthetic side, we obviously recommend giving importance to the technical side, trying to find all possible information on the vehicle from a mechanical and electrical/electronic point of view.

At Cicli Mattio, each used bicycle offered is completely OVERHAULED, all the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts that compose it are checked and if necessary replaced, and then taken for washing. Finally, a further check of all the adjustments and the tightening of the screws is carried out on the bike.

On bicycles remanufactured by our staff we offer a 1 year WARRANTY (in case of problems NOT related to wear).

How to evaluate a used racing bike

If you are considering purchasing a used racing bike, it is certainly good to consider these 3 aspects:

  • type of bike/frame geometry: the latter in fact varies based on the model and the type of road cycling you intend to practice
  • measure
  • state of health of the vehicle: it is important to take into consideration not only the aesthetic taste but also the general good functioning of the bicycle to guarantee safety and why not fun!

Starting from these 3 points, you will be able to orient yourself in the vast range of used racing bikes that the market offers, paying particular attention to possible technical problems: in fact, you can find "crafty people" who sell second-hand road bikes as "equal to new” when in reality they have defects and malfunctions that should instead be listed so that they can be resolved if possible.

How much does a used bike cost

The prices of used bikes vary based on the starting price of the model, which is obviously lowered based on the kilometers travelled, the state of wear of the vehicle, and the presence of any damage/scratches. At Cicli Mattio we carry out an evaluation that is as careful and detailed as possible to estimate the used bicycles to then offer to interested customers.
It is certainly an advantageous purchase, especially for those who are new and want to try a bicycle to understand if it is the sport for them before making more important investments.

Where to buy used bikes

Buying a used bicycle can be a complicated undertaking, as there are numerous risks of running into scams or hidden problems in the market. However, buying a used bike from a specialized shop like Cicli Mattio offers several advantages that make this choice safer and more reliable.

Cicli Mattio offers, both in our store in Piasco (CN) and for those who choose to purchase online, a vast selection of used bicycles (which obviously varies based on current availability). Our staff checks the state of health of the bikes, intervenes where possible to make them at their best and offers them in particular to those who are approaching the world of cycling or a new discipline for the first time, or in general to those who wish to spend less than a new product but would still like quality and safety.

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Many bicycles are waiting to leave to discover new places and experience new challenges!

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