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25 reasons why cycling is so AWESOME!

This year we are celebrating 25 years in business and together with our most faithful customers we have written down the 25 reasons why we love cycling.

1. It makes you fly through the air without having wings.

2. Because it makes me feel free and connected to myself!

3. Biking is a philosophy of life. A way of being. A way of loving ourselves and the world around us, sharing and respecting it.

4. Cycling is health.

5. Absolute freedom; the only object with a chain that is not a symbol of constraint.

6. Avoid buying vitamin D.

7. Fatigue, challenge, sweat...for someone like me who does a very mentally demanding job, biking drains my RAM...every time I come back it's like I've done a good reset of my body so I can start over.

8. Because you need your mind to go fast, not your legs.

9. Because in addition to being healthy, it always pushes you beyond your limits, improving yourself, giving you unique landscapes and moments both alone and in a group!

10. Physical fitness and spiritual well-being.

11. A bike ride allows you to give order to confused ideas.

12. It's a zen moments when you are alone with the bike, the road and your surroundings.

13. You enjoy the view and the scent that the seasons give off from the nature around you as you ride.

14. My mountain bike and I sometimes reach places where there is no noise from outside nature. We cross meadows, woods and mountains listening only to the voice of nature and I will always remember this and it will be a stimulus for the next adventure with my bike.

15. It gives you freedom. It allows you to see nature up close and slowly. It frees your mind.

16. When you were a child and got your first bike, it was your first taste of freedom.  You didn't need anyone. As an adult, it's nice to remember that feeling of freedom.

17. It is a personal and daily "reset".

18. Satisfaction when you get to the top of a pass.

19. It keeps you young even though you are no longer young!

20. Because after a ride I have the feeling of being in a good mood, at peace with myself and the world. 

21. For me, cycling means giving vent to all the worries and anxieties of this terrible period we are living through.

22. Being with friends, even if the competition is always high (as it should be!).

23. It allows me to discover new places and roads that I wouldn't do by car...

24. It combines the possibility of having fun with the possibility of keeping me physically fit.

25. Pure and unconditional JOY!
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