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Used Cyclocross bikes

At CICLI MATTIO you can find all kinds of used bicycles... including used cyclocross bikes!
If you are thinking of starting to compete in cyclocross races and would like a quality bicycle without having to spend too much, we advise you to consult our USED section.

These bikes have the spirit to compete, they were born to race on mud or sand and to tackle courses full of obstacles.

In this section you'll find all the used cyclocross bikes we have available: the page is constantly updated according to availability so remember to visit it often.

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Cyclocross bikes are racing bikes but with important differences in technical features:
the geometries and general rigidity of the frame are different, as are the angles, which are more open and the riding position is more upright. On a cyclocross bike, the bottom bracket is higher and the space between the chainstays is wider.

This type of bicycle is designed for racing, and is therefore very light and responsive.

What to consider when buying a used cyclocross bike?

If you are considering buying a used cyclocross bike it is good to first make an analysis of your needs: are you looking for a very light bike? Do you have preferences about equipment and components? What is your size? How much would you like to spend?
Once you have clarified this information you can start looking for the second hand cyclocross bike of your dreams... and we advise you to rely on the sellers of Cicli Mattio.
Finally, being a used bicycle it is important to evaluate the state of wear of the bicycle in relation to its intentions of use and durability.

When is it convenient to buy a cyclocross used bike?

Buying a used cyclocross bike can be an advantageous choice if you are a newcomer to the world of competitions and would like to avoid facing too high an expense, or if you have found in our section USED the bike that allows you to make an upgrade at an advantageous price!

Visit our website or visit us in shop!
Depending on availability, you can find used CYCLOCROSS bikes from the best brands on the market.

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