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Dust, small debris, insects, UV rays from the sun, air,... there are so many elements that can ruin your cycling.
It' s better to wear cycling glasses!

They are light, comfortable and above all useful for protecting your eyes not only from possible external agents, but also from sudden changes in light and glare that can be very dangerous while cycling. As well as being aesthetically attractive, sunglasses are a really important accessory to make cycling safe and enjoyable.

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To combine protection and comfort, the best cycling glasses are lightweight, have soft nose pads and often have polarized or photochromic lenses to protect the cyclist's eyes from constant changes in brightness. It is also important that the frame is not too tight to be uncomfortable but can be worn comfortably under the helmet

Which glasses do cyclists use?

The cyclist is primarily looking for comfort and protection, so he or she is looking for cycling glasses that are practical, light, wraparound and protective. 
Cycling glasses differ from other types of sports glasses for:


It is often very wide and unique, and has a curved shape to offer excellent visibility and protection to the entire field of vision. In addition, to meet these two fundamental requirements, it is a good idea to choose glasses that are equipped with UV filters and made of polycarbonate material

Cyclists often choose photochromic lenses, which can automatically adapt to different light conditions by darkening or brightening, or polarized lenses, which can shield more light and eliminate glare on reflective surfaces. Finally, the best glasses have unbreakable, wear-resistant, water-repellent and anti-reflective lenses.


Unlike normal sunglasses and/or prescription frames, the frame of cycling glasses is made of polycarbonate plastic. This provides greater comfort and flexibility, a better fit without creating excessive pressure and less weight. The frame of cycling glasses must also have a ventilation system to prevent the lens from fogging up, which can be a very dangerous situation if it occurs while cycling. 

What to consider when choosing cycling glasses?

In order to choose cycling glasses, it is important to consider your needs and the type of cycling you do. Glasses differ in model, shape, weight and lens, and these characteristics are very important when choosing glasses. 

Cycling glasses or goggles?

MTB riders, especially in gravity disciplines such as downhill, often prefer to wear goggles: in these off-road disciplines, it is very likely to be hit by mud, stones and debris thrown up by those in front of you, and it is important to protect your face and eyes properly. MTB goggles offer complete protection, must adhere perfectly to the face and are compatible with full-face helmets, another essential accessory for those who tackle difficult trails.

Which glasses should be used on a MTB?

The choice can be between glasses or goggles, depending on your needs and the MTB speciality you practice. 

Polarized lenses or photochromic lenses can then be chosen, although especially in MTB the goggle is preferred with a normal lens because on the descent the very fast transitions from shadow to light zones would make these types of lens ineffective.

Which glasses should be used on a racing bike?

For those who ride for miles on a racing bike, the ideal glasses should be comfortable, lightweight, have a quality lens and excellent ventilation. Even when the sun isn't shining, it's important to ride with eyewear that has a clear lens to protect eyes from small debris and wind, which can be annoying to the rider and affect the performance. 

What are the best brands of cycling glasses?

At Cicli Mattio you can find the best brands of cycling glasses available on the market: 

If you are looking for MTB goggles the best brands are FOX RACING, DAINESE, OAKLEY, TSG, SMITH

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