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Got a bike? Now you need the right clothing!

At Cicli Mattio there is plenty of cycling clothing!

From the 'CATEGORIES' menu you can see the bike clothing divided by product type, so discover the vast offer of jackets, pants, jerseys, protections, underwear, accessories and much more.

Shoes are also included in this category, a very important element that allows you to be comfortable and improve your performance.

Is the type of bicycle important for the choice of clothes?

Yes, for each speciality there are garments specifically designed to best meet the cyclist's needs.
Generally speaking, for road cyclists the clothing is more close-fitting and breathable, while for mountain bikers the main requirements are comfort and protection, so the garments tend to have a softer fit and often have inserts and materials that are protective and resistant!
However, for non-competitive cyclists the most important thing is to be comfortable, to feel at ease.

Types of bike clothing

Looking for winter or summer bike clothing? For your next gravel bike trip?

On ciclimattio.com you can find, with the help of the filters, everything you need, such as:

  • winter clothing: perfect for colder temperatures
  • summer clothing: ideal for cycling in the sun, breathable and light
  • road clothing: slim fit and technical materials, breathable and close-fitting
  • mtb clothing: durable, comfortable and ready to face any challenge
  • gravel clothing: for your travels, soft and comfortable fit
  • men's clothing
  • women's clothing
    ... and many other categories!

What are the most important clothing products for a cyclist?

It is very important to start with underwear for cycling, which, if of good quality, offers protection, breathability and prevents a wet feeling on the skin. All garments, such as jerseys, jackets, pants and accessories, should then be chosen with care, focusing on comfort and quality. 

Although not required by the road code, we recommend ALWAYS wearing a bike helmet, both on the road and on dirt tracks, and even when we are riding on a simple route: the helmet protects us from bumps and falls. The right cycling shoes, a pair of cycling glasses and cycling protectors complete the look.

What are the most popular brands of bike clothing?

Among the most renowned brands you can find at Cicli Mattio we mention Assos, Alè, Castelli, Dainese, Fox Racing, Gobik. As for shoes, the best brands available at Cicli Mattio are DMT, Fiveten, Fizik, Gaerne, Lake, Northwave, Shimano, Sidi.

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