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For cyclists, especially those who ride MTB/Enduro/Downhill, protections are an essential element to ensure the right safety!

Rocks, branches, roots or simply particularly difficult routes. When riding a MTB you often switch off and look for one thing: fun! You increase your speed, you experience the adrenaline rush, but you run the risk of underestimating the dangers you may find on the route and injuring yourself. 

Don't let your fun be ruined, always wear protection! Elbow pads, knee pads, back protectors: each one is designed to protect a specific part of the body, particularly those most exposed. 

In the event of a fall, it's a good idea to also protect your bike from possible scratches/damage. 
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In the past, protectors were considered uncomfortable, rigid, and inflexible. Today the all-round cycling sector is evolving and they have become comfortable, lightweight accessories that offer protection and at the same time great flexibility.

Categories of cycling protectors

There are different types of protectors, first of all depending on which part of the body they are intended to protect. 

At Cicli Mattio you can find in particular:

The first two protect the elbows and knees, which are probably the most exposed parts of the body, together with the head, and are more likely to hit branches/trees or the ground in the event of a fall.

Elbow and knee pads can be either "short'" or "long": the former protect only the elbow and knee, while the latter also cover the forearm and shin and therefore offer greater protection. 

What enduro - mtb protection should be used when riding off-road?

When choosing, it is important to check the certifications: mtb protectors must be approved and have the CE certification mark. At Cicli Mattio we only offer certified, safe and durable products.
The aim of the protectors is to absorb shocks, so they are made of pretty hard plastic materials such as polypropylene, polyamide and polyurethane and have an internal padding that is able to expel sweat. Finally, they must adhere well to the cyclist's body and at the same time allow plenty freedom of movement.
Particularly on more tricky off-road trails, it is very important to wear guards to protect the limbs and chest, so choose safe elbow, knee and back protectors from the best brands.

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