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The bicycle tyre is the element that connects the bicycle to the ground and therefore it is very important for the cyclist's safety that it is in perfect condition and suitable for the road surface and type of bicycle.

The best brands on the market offer tyres for road bikes of excellent quality, capable of ensuring performance, safety and speed.

Remember that it is a good idea to check the wear condition of your bike tyres often before setting off for a training session or a Sunday ride with friends, your safety depends on it!

How to choose road bike tyres

Bicycle tyres serve as a support for the wheels and, properly fitted with an inner tube or tubeless system, allow them to roll. 

When choosing the most suitable bicycle tyres for your needs, it is important to assess

  • size
  • type
  • weight
  • material

For racing bikes, the ideal tyres are thin, with a width ranging from 23 to 28 mm, making them light and fast.
What are the differences between 23mm and 25 or 28mm tyres?
For long distances, 23 mm wide tyres guarantee greater lightness without sacrificing comfort. For many riders, on the other hand, 25mm width is the right compromise of speed, efficiency and comfort on the road. Finally, those who often ride on roads with uneven surfaces should try 28 mm tyres.
It should be remembered that before buying a racing tyre, it is a good idea to check the size that the wheel rim can 'accommodate'.


There are three types of road bike tyres on the market:

  1. tubulars: these are tube-shaped and are fitted using a special mastic glue. They are appreciated by cyclists because they are light and easy to fit.

  2. clinchers: appreciated for their ease of fitting and low cost, they have an inner tube that is easy to change in the event of a puncture. They are heavier than the others but are still the best sellers!

  3. tubeless: they are not equipped with an inner tube and in the event of a puncture they start to lose pressure slowly, allowing the cyclist to keep control of the bike and return safely. They are particularly appreciated by MTB enthusiasts because they absorb friction better and are very smooth. It is only in recent years that they are also becoming more widespread in the world of racing bikes.

Best road bike tyres 700x23

The best tyre models for racing bikes 700x23 are some Vittoria models among which we mention Corsa Speed TLR Tubeless and Rubino Pro Speed. Pirelli's 'top' product is the PZero Road which, however, is offered in size 700x24.

Best road bike tyres 700x25

The best tyre models for racing bikes 700x25 are the Vittoria Corsa line, such as the Corsa or Corsa Control, and the Rubino line, such as the Rubino Pro TLR.

Best road bike tyres 700x28

The best tyre models for racing bikes 700x28 are the Pirelli P Zero Race and P Zero Race 4S: they are part of a range of tyres designed for racing that excels in speed, rideability and lightness.

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