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What sport is downhill?

Downhill is a sport mainly practiced in cycling and consists of going down steep descents on rough and demanding terrain.

Athletes use specific downhill bikes to tackle high speeds and technical challenges along the way. Downhill is often practiced as a competition, with official races held on specially designed tracks. Athletes must demonstrate skill, speed and control as they negotiate jumps, rocks, roots and other obstacles on the way down.

It is an adrenalin-pumping sport that requires good driving technique and great ability to control the vehicle.

How to recognize a downhill bike?

Downhill bikes are distinguished by their robust suspension, downhill-adapted frame geometry, specific wheel sizes, powerful brakes and durable components.

Top high-end brands include Santa Cruz, Yeti Cycles and Trek. For the low-end, there's Giant, Scott and Canyon. These brands offer a variety of options at different price points to suit the needs of professionals and novices alike.

Downhill bike for starters?

If you are interested in getting started in downhill riding and want to buy a bike that is suitable for beginners, there are several options available on the market. Here are some recommendations:

  • Entry-level bikes: Brands like Giant, Trek, Santa Cruz, and Canyon offer affordable downhill bike models designed for beginners. These bikes offer good performance and reliability to start downhill.


  • Used bikes: Also consider buying a used downhill bike. You can find interesting offers on cycling websites or groups, where enthusiasts sell their used bikes at affordable prices. Make sure you check the condition of the bike carefully before buying.

Downhill bikes prices

The prices of downhill bikes vary from around €1,000 for entry-level models, up to over €10,000 for high-end/professional bikes, with the mid-range falling between €2,500 and €5,000.

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