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The ASSOS story begins in 1967 in Switzerland. Toni Maier, a young 37-year-old Swiss-German developed a carbon frame, a goal that was far away and almost unthinkable at the time, but which remained a unique piece.
A few months later he reached another important milestone, namely the creation of a track suit made of elastane, an incredibly elastic fabric.
From then on, he focused his work on technical cycling clothing, always working on the quality and unmistakable style that have made this brand famous all over the world.

"Assos" was the name chosen by the founder, just like the aces of the cards, which Maier always managed to play brilliantly.

ASSOS clothes

ASSOS clothing has always been synonymous of very high quality. The clothes are designed and manufactured with attention to the finest details. This has made the brand known, recognised and appreciated throughout the world, perhaps one of the leading brands of cycling clothing.
In addition to the use of elastane, Maier is also known to have achieved other primates such as the introduction of braces integrated within the shorts, whereas until then riders held their trousers by means of leather braces. And so over the years its great growth continued! Just think that in the early 1980s, around 80 per cent of the professional teams used Assos.

Today, the collection is extensive, and the clothes are distinguished by their names:

ASSOS MILLE: for the MEN'S collections

ASSOS UMA: for WOMEN's collections

ASSOS SPRING/FALL: for the collections designed for cycling in the warm weather of spring and autumn

ASSOS WINTER: for the winter collections, to which you can add ULTRA for garments designed for colder temperatures

ASSOS SUMMER: for the summer collections, made to guarantee the cyclist incredible breathability.

ASSOS helmets and glasses

Over the years, Assos has also started to offer cycling helmets, such as the MET Trenta MIPS Jingo RS born from the collaboration with the MET brand, which has put all its know-how and combined it with the Assos style, and cycling glasses, such as the Donzi, the latest presented by the Swiss brand.

ASSOS care products for cyclists

Assos makes products for the care of both the products and the cyclist, including the legendary Chamois Crème, a necessary product for your cycling, as it reduces irritation due to rubbing, rehydrates, plumps the skin and minimises the risk of saddle sores.


Assos products are very well known and appreciated among cyclists, because they are of a high standard, comfortable and high-performance. The best-selling items from Cicli Mattio are the Mille GT Bib Shorts C2 and the Mille GTO Winter Bib Tights C2.

ASSOS products: what are the prices?

The Assos products are high-end, which is why the prices are medium/high, but certainly the level of the clothes justifies the expense.
Starting with accessories such as socks, which are priced between €15 and €40, and reaching the top-of-the-range winter jacket at €650.
We advise you to filter the products in promotion and take advantage of the offers proposed by Cicli Mattio!

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