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At CICLI MATTIO, we give used bicycles a new life...

Our mechanics make a complete diagnosis of the bicycle's state of health and then set to work to carry out interventions and replacements where necessary!
All the details of the bike are checked from a mechanical, electrical/electronic, functional and aesthetic point of view, in order to offer good quality products at competitive prices. 

We can therefore offer reliable, safe and 100% reconditioned bicycles

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What guarantees do second-hand bicycles have at Cicli Mattio?

Our mechanics carefully check all used bicycles before offering them for sale. 
In fact, every used bicycle is completely REVISED, all the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts are checked and, if necessary, replaced, and then it is ready for washing.
Finally, the bike is checked once again to ensure that all the adjustments have been made and that all the screws have been tightened.

But what makes used bicycles unique are the small defects and scratches that you will find: they represent the history of the bike, the kilometres it has ridden and the adventures it has experienced!

We offer a 1-year WARRANTY on bicycles reconditioned by our staff (in the event of problems NOT related to wear and tear).

What elements must be considered when choosing a second-hand bicycle?

If you are looking for a used bike it is important to consider:

  • TYPE: used road bike, used mtb bike, used gravel bike, used e-bike, used enduro bike, used downhill bike, used city or trekking bike;
  • SIZE: depending on the geometry of the bike and the height of the rider, our sales team will advise you on the right size;
  • STATUS OF HEALTH: always considering that we are talking about second-hand bicycles, it is good to evaluate the use you intend to make of the bike in order to decide between a used or new model. 

Why choose a used bicycle?

If you are considering starting to ride a bicycle but want to avoid spending too much money right away, the solution could be a used bicycle. 
In this way you will have the possibility to have a quality bike at a very convenient price and to try this sport and maybe new disciplines with which, we are sure, you will fall in love!

Depending on availability, at Cicli Mattio you can find second-hand bicycles of the best brands for road, MTB, enduro, city and trekking bikes, as well as wheels and components. 

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