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SIDI is a renowned Italian cycling footwear brand with over 60 years of experience. Known for high-quality materials, elegant designs and innovative closures like BOA, SIDI offers a wide range of models for road, mountain biking and other disciplines. SIDI shoes are loved by professional and amateur cyclists for their durability and comfort.

What are SIDI cycling shoes like?

SIDI cycling shoes are renowned for their quality, comfort and exceptional performance. They are made with high-quality materials and have advanced technical features, such as precise closure systems and an ergonomically designed fit. The variety of models allows cyclists to find the shoe suited to their discipline. Furthermore, the elegant design and attention to detail make them very popular. SIDI is a trusted choice for professional cyclists and enthusiasts.

There are some distinctive features of SIDI shoes that make them unique:

  • Innovative closures: SIDI was one of the first companies to introduce the BOA wheel closure system, which offers precise and fast adjustment of shoe tension.
  • High-quality materials: SIDI uses high-quality leather and technical materials to guarantee a comfortable fit, good breathability and notable resistance to adverse weather conditions.
  • Wide range of models: SIDI offers a wide range of cycling shoe models, adaptable to different disciplines, such as road, mountain bike, cyclocross and track. This allows cyclists to find the footwear that best suits their needs.
  • Style and design: SIDI shoes are recognizable for their elegant design and attention to detail. They are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit all cyclists' tastes.
  • Reliability and durability: SIDI shoes are known for their durability over time, thanks to the robustness and quality of the materials used in production.
  • Collaborations with professional cyclists: SIDI has collaborated with numerous professional cyclists over the years, receiving valuable feedback to constantly improve its products.

SIDI MTB shoes

SIDI mountain bike (MTB) shoes are known for their exceptional quality and adaptability to the needs of off-road cyclists. Common features include sturdy outsoles with excellent grip for tackling rough terrain, precise closures such as the BOA system, good protection against mud and debris, and water-resistant materials. These shoes offer comfort and performance during off-road adventures, making SIDI a popular choice among MTB cyclists.

SIDI road shoes

SIDI cycling shoes for the road are known for their high-quality features and exceptional performance on paved roads. These models include stiff soles for efficient power transmission, precise closures such as BOA or quick-release buckles, an aerodynamic design and breathable materials for maximum comfort.

SIDI road shoes are designed to improve efficiency and stability when pedaling on smooth roads, offering excellent power transmission and the support needed for long distances. SIDI is a popular choice among road cyclists due to its quality and elegant design.

SIDI gravel shoes

SIDI gravel shoes are specifically designed to meet the challenges of gravel trails, combining elements of road and mountain bike shoes. These models feature:

  • Versatile Outsoles: Outsoles are more flexible than those of road shoes to provide better traction on variable terrain.
  • Protection: SIDI gravel shoes offer greater protection against mud, stones and debris thanks to durable uppers and reinforced stitching.
  • Secure Closures: Many SIDI gravel shoes include secure closure systems like BOA or adjustable buckles for a custom fit.
  • Breathable materials: Keep your feet cool during long off-road adventures.

These shoes are designed for cyclists looking to explore dirt roads and mixed terrain, offering comfort, performance and protection.

Top SIDI shoe models

Some of the top SIDI cycling shoe models include:

Here are some of the top models of SIDI cycling shoes:

- SIDI Genius: SIDI's Genius line is known for its combination of comfort, performance and durability. Newer versions offer Tecno-3 Push System closures and Millenium or Millennium 5 outsoles.

- SIDI Shot 2: These road shoes are loved for their Double Tecno 3 Push System closure, Vent Carbon outsole and high-level performance. They are often worn by professional cyclists.

- SIDI Eagle 10 MTB: The Eagle series mountain bike shoes are known for their robustness and adaptability to off-road routes. The Eagle 10 model features an SRS Carbon-Ground MTB outsole for exceptional traction.

- SIDI Wire 2 Carbon: These high-end road shoes feature a carbon outsole and BOA closures for a precise fit and efficient power transmission.

These models represent just a part of the vast range of SIDI shoes available, each designed to meet specific cyclist needs.

SIDI accessories and shoes prices

Prices of SIDI shoes and accessories vary greatly. Cycling shoes range from 100 to 400 euros. Mountain bike shoes can be similarly priced. SIDI accessories, such as insoles and spare parts, start from around ten euros.

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