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With over a century of history, SHIMANO is a company at the forefront of the development of new technologies: it creates products, in response to the needs of cyclists from all over the world, made with the highest quality components, original technologies and innovative ideas.

The company was founded in 1921 by twenty-six years old Shozaburo Shimano in Sakai (Osaka), with the name Shimano Iron Works: the activity involved the production of freewheel mechanisms for bicycles.
Of all the components on the bike, the freewheel mechanism embodied the highest level of technology at the time and Shimano owns the invention!

Let yourself be fascinated by the excellence that distinguishes SHIMANO products: recognizable, quality and unique!

In the years that followed its foundation, the company grew, specialized, improved day by day, until it flew overseas: in 1965, the Shimano American Corporation was founded in New York and in the same year Shimano began to sell also in Europe. Production also goes beyond Japanese borders, and in 1973 the first group of components for road racing, the DURA-ACE, is launched on the market.

Shimano has been the manufacturer and inventor of many components, and today it can be defined as a world leader in the mechanical components of racing bikes and mountain bikes. It produces most of the mechanical groups that compose it including gearboxes, braking systems, wheel hubs, freewheel mechanisms, chains, crowns, pedals, cranks, central movements.

Always projected towards the future, it will continue to amaze us with high quality novelties, thanks to its over 100 years of experience!

SHIMANO bike components: what are they like?

Shimano offers the public all the components needed to set up a bike frame, offering products with different characteristics and consequently different prices.

Shimano road bike components

As far as racing bicycles are concerned, Shimano components are the result of a long history of innovative research, from aerodynamics to ergonomics, which allows smooth and precise shifting and which has thus allowed the creation of a transmission system without loss of propulsion and a very reliable braking system. All this allows the cyclist to concentrate on pedalling, for pure enjoyment.

The main and best known lines of components are Dura Ace, Ultegra and 105 Di2, which are the top of the range while the Tiagra and Sora are the mid-level groupsets.

Shimano gravel bike components

Shimano also offers groupsets for gravel bikes, one of which is the GRX - this is not a reworked set of road components, but represents a completely new way for cyclists to explore the world.

Finally, for the off-road world, the proposals for Shimano components and groupsets include the XTR, Deore XT, SLX and Deore collections.


The Shimano brand offers cyclists excellent footwear especially for road and off-road specialities. Its Shimano S-PHYRE shoe line is the top of the range, testifying to the high technical and technological level of the shoe that bears this "name".
The brand's goal is to maximize the adherence of the shoe to the cyclist's foot: "we create optimal definitive silhouettes by collecting and analyzing measurement data for different shoe sizes."

SHIMANO pedals

Shimano also offers top-level pedals on the market, known for their strength and durability.

The pedal is in fact the component that unites the bicycle and the cyclist, and for this reason it is necessary that it is able to transfer power correctly.

Here are the main systems offered by Shimano for cycling pedals:

  • SPD is a two-hole system that is the preferred choice for off-road, cyclocross and leisure use because it offers a smoother ride and allows for more float (the range of motion your foot can make before the cleat releases from the pedal ).
  • SPD-SL uses a three-hole system that is popular with road cyclists because it offers a wider platform with better power transfer for steep climbs and long rides.
  • Flat pedals are perfect for downhill/gravity, as they guarantee quick release in the event of a ma

SHIMANO top models

Shimano is a well-known brand among all who ride bicycles, as well as its models are known; the best groupset is the Dura Ace on top-of-the-range bikes, a groupset that has helped many "PROs" in their endeavours, while Ultegra and 105 are mostly mounted on medium/high-range bikes, gaining the consent of many passionate.

SHIMANO: how are the prices?

The brand offers a very wide range of products, and for each type it offers different lines that make it possible to satisfy the needs of different wallets: in fact, for each category there are products at a more accessible price and others which, due to technology and quality, are more expensive .

We advise you to always consult our PROMOTIONS section to stay updated on offers: you can do great deals!

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