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The Santa Cruz brand was born in 1994 within the walls of a small garage from Rob Rospokk's dream of creating the best full suspension MTBs on the market… a dream that is now reality!
The first bike to establish itself on the market was the Tazmon, which shook the world of full MTB bicycles thanks to the 80mm of fork travel.

Since 2018 Santa Cruz has been part of the Pon Holdings group, one of the largest bike manufacturers, together with other brands such as Focus, Cannondale and Cèrvelo.

SANTA CRUZ bikes: what are they like?

The Californian brand creates bicycles characterized by high quality and the use of advanced technologies such as the VPP rear suspension system for full MTBs. This system optimizes the bike's suspension on any terrain along with a high level of flexibility in the design, thus promoting incredible durability and easier maintenance.

Santa Cruz bikes are specialized in the world of mtb ranging from downhill, enduro, hardtail and even electric, proposing themselves to an audience of adventurous people who will not stop in front of any obstacle!

Santa Cruz MTB bike

Santa Cruz mountain bikes are divided into different models to meet the needs of the most adventurous public.
Here are some:

  • Santa Cruz V10: the perfect downhill mtb bike for competitive riders who love being on the podium and don't slow down in front of any obstacle, even on the steepest descents. Thanks to the 215 VPP rear travel this model offers a suspension performance worthy of the World Cup.
  • Santa Cruz Nomad: the bike you can ride anywhere, anytime. The mtb bike suitable for the most daring adventure lovers. Geometry and handling characteristics strike the perfect balance in this bike
  • Santa Cruz 5010: it is the smallest bike that the brand offers with a travel of 130mm, but also the most agile. The perfectly balanced geometry and the MX set-up make it perfect for making even the most banal roads a real playground to never get bored on the saddle.
  • Hightower is the perfect 29” all mountain bike for those who love compromises but not when it comes to quality. If you want to experience the mountain at 360° this is the bike for you!
  • Tallboy is a trail bike with noteworthy geometry and suspension. A bike ready to open the throttle at any time and in any terrain condition.

Almost all Santa Cruz models are also offered in carbon and carbon cc.

Santa Cruz E-bike

From 2020 Santa Cruz also offers a range of mtb e-bikes for those who want an extra push:

  • Santa Cruz Bullit: the e-bike for those who love going fast downhill with a 170mm travel and a Shimano EP8 motor that can support you during the toughest climbs.
  • Santa Cruz Heckler: If you never tire of pedalling, this is the bike for you.
    With its interchangeable 720wh battery, this e-bike can cover very long distances, reaching new paths.

Santa Cruz Bike Clothing

Santa Cruz has a line of comfortable and stylish casual clothing ranging from sweaters, jackets and shorts.
Perfect to use during your free time!

Top Santa Cruz bike models

Santa Cruz top models are: Santa Cruz Bullit, Santa Cruz Nomad and Santa Cruz Hightower.

Santa Cruz Bicycles: What are the prices?

In our Santa Cruz bike catalog there are models that vary in price starting from 3899€.
These are top-level bike frames and shock absorbers that are already assembled and offered with the best bike components available on the market.

The brand's goal is to aim for uncompromising excellence!

We advise you to always check our Used Bikes and Parts section, based on availability you may find second-hand Santa Cruz models at very attractive prices.

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