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Peruzzo is an Italian brand founded in 1972, offering innovative and high quality bike racks and accessories for cycling enthusiasts all over the world.
With a focus on durability, functionality and design, Peruzzo offers a range of bike racks, ebike racks and accessories that meet the needs of cyclists of all skill levels.
With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Peruzzo is a brand you can trust for all your cycling needs.

PERUZZO Bike Carriers and Bike Racks

Peruzzo offers a wide range of products designed to meet the different needs of cyclists.
Here are some of them:

Peruzzo bike rack hitch:

these are designed to safely transport your bike while you are travelling. With quick and easy assembly, it is possible to transport up to 4 bicycles of any kind such as e-bikes.

Peruzzo trunk bike rack for cars:

these allow you to transport your bikes in the back of the car but, in this case, the support is mounted directly on the car tailgate. A cheaper and less bulky solution.

Peruzzo bike racks on roof:

this type of bike rack leaves the rear of the car free and takes advantage of the space on the roof to transport your bikes easily. These bike racks can remain mounted on the car without causing any discomfort, this makes them particularly comfortable and always ready for departures, even last minute ones.


PERUZZO Bike Accessories

Peruzzo also offers a range of bike accessories dedicated to the care of your bike.
These include bicycle locks, bicycle covers and bicycle repair stands.

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