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Bike frames are the beating heart of every bicycle. These structures are designed to offer strength, lightness and stability, ensuring a superior driving experience. Thanks to continuous advances in material technology and design, bike frames offer optimal performance, allowing riders to tackle challenging terrain and reach high speeds.


Whether it's paved roads or dirt trails, bike frames are the foundation upon which an exceptional riding experience is built.

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Bike frames: How to choose?

Choosing a bicycle frame depends on several factors which include the type of cycling you plan to do, the terrain you plan to ride on, and your personal preferences. Here are some points to consider:


Frame Material: Frames can be made from aluminum, steel, carbon, or titanium. Each material has its own characteristics of weight, strength and stiffness.


Frame Geometry: Frame geometry affects riding position, stability and handling. For example, a more relaxed geometry is suitable for road cycling, while a more aggressive geometry is ideal for mountain biking.


Frame size: The frame size should fit your height and leg length to ensure a comfortable and efficient riding position.


Intended Use: Whether you're looking for a racing, road, or mountain bike, make sure the frame is suited for that specific type of cycling.


Budget: The price of frames can vary widely. Set a budget and try to get the best value for your money.


Reviews and advice: Read online reviews, ask other experienced cyclists for advice, or consult an expert at a bike shop for more information and advice on choosing the right frame.


Remember that the frame is an essential part of your bicycle and its choice should be based on your specific needs and the type of cycling you wish to practice.

Racing bike frames

Road bike frames are designed to perform optimally on the road. Usually made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon, these frames offer excellent stiffness and power transfer, allowing riders to pedal more efficiently. The geometry of racing frames favors an aerodynamic position, reducing wind resistance and increasing speed. Two notable examples are the ENVE Melee Frame Kit and the ARGON 18 Sum Pro Disc Frame Kit.

MTB Frames

MTB (Mountain Bike) bike frames are designed to tackle rough terrain and deliver optimal off-road performance. Usually made of materials such as aluminum or carbon, these frames are reinforced to withstand the impacts and stresses encountered during off-road cycling. MTB frames are characterized by a specific geometry that favors handling and stability on uneven terrain. An example is the Yeti SB130T frame.

Gravel bike frames

Gravel bike frames are designed for versatility and performance on a variety of terrains by combining features of road and mountain bike frames. Made of materials such as aluminum or carbon, these frames have a geometry that favors a comfortable and stable riding position on unpaved roads.


Gravel bike frames offer enough clearance to fit wider tires, allowing you to tackle loose terrain with more traction and comfort. They often feature rack and mudguard attachment points, making them ideal for bikepacking or long-distance adventures. An example is the Enve Mog frame.

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