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The Focus brand was born in Germany in 1992 by cyclocross world champion Mike Kluge. Thanks to the experience gained on the race track, in just a few years Kluge was able to create a brand of bicycles that has become a world leader in the production of mountain bike frames, later expanding production to racing bikes, gravel bikes and electric bikes for all specialities. This brand is dedicated to those who are looking for bicycles with high technological content, innovative materials and excellent performance, but also to those who don't want to give up fun and a touch of adrenaline!
The flagship of Focus are the e-MTBs, equipped with a rear suspension system called F.O.L.D. (Focus Optimized Linkage Design): the precise functioning of the rear suspension is decisive in the structure of a full-suspension bike, because it has a significant influence on the bike's riding characteristics. With the F.O.L.D. kinematics, Focus has developed and patented a rear triangle system that immediately offers numerous advantages and can be used on all full-suspension mountain bikes.

Focus bikes are developed in Stuttgart, while prototyping and assembly is done in Emstek (also in Germany)... and then the Focus team enjoys riding the trails around Stuttgart, testing the bikes and finding new solutions!

"We love bikes so much that we just have to build them - our way. Riding bikes connects people and we want to share our joy with YOU"

Focus racing bikes

Focus offers road bikes for everyone: you don't have to be a World Tour racer to go fast, because with these models you can ride and perform well even on your Sunday ride. 

The catalogue includes the following road bike categories:

  • RACE: super light, aerodynamic bikes made mostly of carbon. They are suitable for competitions, but are also great for rides in your lunch break or after work. Their character has only one objective: to push at maximum speed, which is why riders need to be in an aerodynamic and lower than average position. The most popular model is the Focus IZALCO MAX.

  • ENDURANCE: Is your goal to be fast over long distances? Do you want to ride a granfondo or do weekend trips/tours? If the answer is yes, you need a road bike that combines comfort and speed. These bikes belong to the 'endurance' category: ergonomic and more relaxed riding position, so you can be comfortable and at ease even after many hours in the saddle! The Focus PARALANE model belongs to this category: a light but strong carbon frame, 32mm tyres, cable integration and the possibility of attaching a cyclocomputer.

Focus e-bikes

Focus electric bikes represent excellence in terms of research and technology.

The Focus electric bike catalogue includes:

  • Thron², Jam² and Sam² full MTB bikes. They feature a suspension fork and rear shock absorber, a very stable frame, high grip tyres and a very strong e-drive, an e-bike that will take you safely over any terrain.

  • Hardtail MTB bikes such as the Jarifa²: it is equipped with mountain bike geometry and is ideally suited for off-road use. Thanks to a shorter rear triangle, this e-mtb is agile and a 100 mm suspension fork and 29" wheels with mountain bike tyres guarantee safety.

  • Vam²SL and Jam²SL light MTB bikes: for Focus, light e-mtbs represent the next inevitable step in the evolution of mountain bikes and are in fact making their way onto the market.

You will have noticed that all electric bike models are represented by the apex 2. Why?
SQUARED is the name Focus uses for all pedal-assist bikes, so that you can have a deeper, amplified experience. More trails, more mountains, more fun, in the same time and with the same physical effort.

Focus mountain bikes

Focus produces off-road bikes to suit all needs.
If you are looking for a full bike, its advantages stand out particularly on uneven and rough terrain. The Focus full bikes you will love are Thron and Jam.
For uphill and cross-country riders, the hardtail bike is the solution: thanks to the rear structure without suspension, force transmission from the legs is direct, so on the flat this type of bike is faster than a full-suspended. On uphill stretches it also offers a lighter feel. This is due not only to the low weight, but also to the fact that the absence of cushioning means that no force is lost. The models offered by Focus are Whistler and Raven.

Focus gravel bikes

Completing the Focus bike range is the ATLAS, a gravel model that is ideal for bikepacking trips and adventures. Its geometry allows it to 'accommodate' panniers that can be attached to the handlebars, saddle or frame, and has ample space for tyres. Perfect for those who want to lose track of time... while pedalling!

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