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Factor is a renowned cycling brand based in Germany, active since 2007. Specializing in high-performance bicycles, Factor stands for technological innovation and advanced design. A fascinating detail is the collaboration with the WorldTour Israel Start-Up Nation cycling team, highlighting the commitment to excellence in professional cycling.

Factor bikes: what are they like?

Factor, an acclaimed brand, has earned a reputation for excellence in design and innovation, offering high-quality bicycles that meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists. Their dedication to detail and use of advanced technology places them at the top in the competitive world of cycling.

Factor Racing Bike

Factor racing bicycles are the result of a design aimed at guaranteeing world-class performance. Featuring lightweight materials and cutting-edge technologies, these bikes are the favorite choice of cyclists looking for the perfect combination of speed, agility and comfort during long rides. The synergy between advanced engineering and captivating design is evident in each model, highlighting Factor's dedication to creating excellent products.

Factor Gravel

Factor's presence in the gravel segment underlines its aptitude for innovation. Factor gravel bikes offer a unique combination of speed, durability and durability, making them ideal for exploring mixed terrain, from dirt roads to more adventurous routes. This range demonstrates Factor's ability to adapt to the changing needs of modern cyclists.

Factor frames

Factor frames are the beating heart of their bicycles, crafted with precision craftsmanship and an uncompromising dedication to quality. The use of materials such as high-strength carbon allows us to obtain frames that combine lightness and rigidity, ensuring a responsive and efficient ride. This approach to frame construction underlines Factor's commitment to providing the highest quality products.

Top Factor Bicycle Models

The range of Factor's top bicycle models offers an overview of the brand's excellence.

The Factor Ostro VAM 720, renowned for its extraordinary lightness and advanced aerodynamics, stands out for its high-level performance.

The Factor Ostro 390, with its exceptional performance and attractive design, captures the attention of cycling enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the Factor O2 V.A.M 280 earns praise for its versatility and comfort during long distances, demonstrating Factor's diverse offering.

Factor Prices

Prices for Factor bicycles vary based on model and custom specifications. While they may represent a significant investment, it's important to consider that these bikes offer exceptional value for money.


The combination of high-quality materials and continuous pursuit of innovation justifies the investment for cyclists looking not just for a bicycle, but for a travel companion that offers high-level performance and an extraordinary ride. In this context, the prices of Factor bicycles reflect the brand's dedication to meeting the highest expectations of cyclists.

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