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Founded in 2007, ENVE Composites is a manufacturer of wheels, components and, recently, handmade carbon fibre bicycle frames.

We’re proud to manufacture our rims and wheelsets by hand in Ogden, Utah, USA but not simply out of patriotism. At ENVE, everything related to our rim and wheel production is under the roof of our new state-of-the-art facility: manufacturing, assembly, design, R&D, our test lab, customer support and the business team."

These capabilities under one roof give ENVE unmatched levels of visibility, control and connectivity that would be impossible under any different circumstances.

Enve bicycle wheels

Enve's road wheel catalogue includes carbon road wheels developed with the aim of making your bike, and you, even better performers. ENVE builds wheels for triathlon, gran fondo, gravel, bikepacking and everything in between, in the 700c format. Our SES and Foundation lines combine aerodynamics, strength, low weight and ride quality for both climbing and aerodynamic advantages. ENVE's carbon wheels are made to offer you the best riding experience.
Some 'best seller' models are the Enve SES 3.4 wheels (low weight, high stiffness and good aerodynamic properties) and the Enve SES 4.5 wheels.
In addition, Enve Composites offers MTB and gravel wheels including the M5 and among the downhill wheels the M9. ENVE's mountain bike wheels, available in 29" and 27.5", are made to offer a better riding experience.

Enve frames

For some years now, Enve Composites has been producing frames that, with the right equipment, can create unique and irresistible bikes...

  • Melee: Developed in CFD and the wind tunnel, this frame features refined tube shapes that have been fine-tuned to complement the shapes of ENVE's SES rims and offer aerodynamic performance ready to battle with the fastest bikes on the road. It is used by the World Tour Total Energies team.
    This ENVE frame is the canvas on which you can build the bike of your dreams!
  • MOG: for the growing gravel world, Enve has launched the MOG frame, designed to provide optimal manoeuvrability regardless of frame size. it introduces ENVE's Cargo Bay, a storage solution integrated into the down tube that allows you to efficiently use unused space to store your punctured wheel repair kit, windbreaker, or whatever else you decide to bring along.

  • FRAY: the latest frame released, it is designed for cyclists who want speed, versatility and maximum performance on all road/endurance courses. It features aerodynamic tubes and ample space for wider tyres. Also very popular for this model is the Cargo Bay for storing what you need in the down tube.

Enve handlebars and stems

The American brand ENVE produces high-end handlebars and stems to make every bike special. 

Enve handlebars for racing bikes are the perfect mix of performance and reliability. In fact, they are made with care and attention to detail, so as to offer the right balance between rigidity, weight and stability. In addition, Enve road handlebars are built to ensure comfort, ergonomics and a good riding feel, whether racing or on a leisurely ride with friends.
The same care and attention is paid to the design and construction of Enve's MTB handlebars: lightness and strength are combined to ensure a safe ride even on the roughest terrain and most difficult trails.

Enve bikes

In addition to frames, Enve offers complete bicycles equipped with its components, so you can ride on unique pieces!

The production of Enve bicycles obviously starts with its frames, which are Melee, MOG and Fray. In addition, the Statuinitan brand offers road cycling enthusiasts the ENVE CUSTOM ROAD, a bike designed and 'sewn' according to the cyclist's needs. From the geometry to the paintwork, wheels and components, each ENVE Custom is in fact made to measure!

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