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DMT shoes: what are they like?

DMT shoes are renowned for the quality of their materials and precision in manufacturing. They offer a comfortable fit and efficient power transmission, ideal for demanding cyclists. The technical closures and thoughtful details ensure a superior riding experience.


DMT mountain bike shoes are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. With outsoles suitable for rough terrain and robust construction, they are the perfect choice for off-road enthusiasts.

DMT road shoes

DMT road shoes offer stiff outsoles to maximize pedaling efficiency. Precise closures ensure a secure fit, while elegant designs complete the image of the road cyclist.

Top DMT shoe models

Here are some of the top DMT shoe models:

  • DMT KR0: This model is known for high-level performance and exceptional comfort, with a stiff sole for maximum power transmission.

  • DMT KR1: DMT KR1 shoes are appreciated for their light weight and technical closures for a precise fit.

  • DMT KR3: These shoes offer a combination of performance and comfort ideal for demanding cyclists.

  • DMT KR4: Ideal for mountain bike adventures, the DMT KR4 features an outsole suitable for rough terrain.

  • DMT KRSL: This model is known for its versatility and ability to be used on various terrains.

These models represent some of the flagship options in the DMT KR series, each designed to meet different cycling needs.

DMT supports the UAE Team Emirates, of which Tadej Pogačar is a member. A new iconic model of shoes dedicated to him has just been launched: DMT Scarpe Strada Pogis.
To the Slovenian champion, the DMT brand has already dedicated a model of shoes called DMT Scarpa KRSL Pogis Heart Beat: the innovative construction, with a seamless one-piece upper that fits like a glove, has been enriched with coloured graphic signs that correspond to the most prestigious victories that Tadej has achieved in the course of his career to date.

DMT cycling shoes prices

Prices of DMT shoes vary depending on the model and features. High-end options can exceed 200 euros, while mid-range shoes are available between 100 and 200 euros. DMT offers a range of options to suit different price points.

How DMT shoes fit

DMT shoes are developed to offer the cyclist absolute comfort. This aspect is fundamental for good results, as a "comfortable" foot is a foot that can best transfer power to the pedal, obviously through the right shoe.
In particular, the DMT brand has developed, on the strength of its craftsmanship tradition, 3D KNIT technology applied to the mesh structure of the upper: by using technical yarns and specific Engineered Knit structures, the shoe is so light that you can hardly feel it on you. Lightness, fit, increased breathability and performance drying are just some of the benefits that combine comfort with excellent performance.

In addition, almost every shoe in the catalogue features a BOA closure system that has seen continuous improvements over the years to maximise the positive aspects and ensure a precise and secure fit.

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