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De Rosa is a bicycle manufacturing company, founded in 1953 in Milan by Ugo De Rosa, during the years of the economic boom, when there was an entrepreneurial enthusiasm, a desire for innovation... in the same years other famous brands in the cycling sector such as Colnago and Cinelli were born.

Over the years this company grew, improved, and became famous especially in the 60s and 70s for the production of racing bikes for the most popular professional teams of the time.

D Rosa sought to follow the evolution of frame production, so at the beginning of the 1990s it used titanium while in the middle of the same decade aluminium was introduced and continued in this way until the early 2000s with the arrival of the monocoque frame and the introduction of carbon.

Ugo's continuous study of materials, passion for bicycles and love for cycling were transmitted to his sons, who continued in the activity undertaken by their father, always aiming for excellence.
Today DE ROSA is a brand that is loved and appreciated by many cyclists, especially by road cyclists.

DE ROSA bicycles: how are they?

The De Rosa brand produces medium-high level racing bicycles, capable of meeting the needs of competitive and amateur cyclists. The philosophy is highly racing-oriented and developed for top performance while maintaining a handcrafted product.

DE ROSA bicycles

The De Rosa bicycle catalogue meets the needs of the cyclist who wants to get the most out of every ride.

DE ROSA carbon bicycles

The carbon models are the "Merak" and "Sk Pininfarina". The "Merak" is an uphill bike used by the Cofidis professional team in the big races while the "Sk Pininfarina" bike is specifically made to give the maximum in the sprint.

DE ROSA titanium bicycles

De Rosa's great tradition are the titanium 'Anima' and 'Solo' frames, which are handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen.

DE ROSA frames

In addition to the standard assemblies, De Rosa also offers the possibility of starting from the frame kit only to customise the new bicycle and assemble it with the bike components requested by the customer.
De Rosa's great tradition are the 'Anima' and 'Solo' titanium frames that are handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen.

DE ROSA cycling clothes

As often happens to well-known brands willing to offer more and more products to their customers, DE ROSA has also created its own line of cycling clothing over the years, which recursively features the famous "red heart" logo.

DE ROSA bicycles: which are the prices?

DE ROSA's products are high-end products, with prices ranging from €2,500 for frames up to the most modern racing bikes of over €12,000. 

In addition to bikes, the brand also offers cycling clothing and accessories at prices in line with the average of similar cycling products on the market, while maintaining the excellent quality that distinguishes the bikes.

We advise you to filter the products on promotion and thus take advantage of the offers proposed by Cicli Mattio and consult our USED BIKES AND COMPONENTS section, where you may find second-hand De Rosa bicycles at very advantageous prices!

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